Abraham Lincoln

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FAQ about Abraham Lincoln

What way and to what extent did constitutional?
...Military occupation of the South is another example of revolutionary action. Constitutional and social developments of this time period, 1860-1877, were very significant and revolutionary. One change led to another and each reaction to each change se...
What Makes A Good Ruler?
...His goodness, honesty and compassion would be remembered forever. Lincoln died at the age of fifty-six. All in all they re many different ways a leader can achieve prosperity and have qualities of a good ruler. Machiavelli stated his opinions of what...
Why the North won the Civil War?
...Grant, Jim. “What might have been”. Amazon. 24 July 2003. 10 December 2006. <http://www. amazon. com/Why-North-Won-Civil-War/dp/0684825066> “Why did the North win the Civil War? ”. Social Studies Help. 10 December 2006. <http://www. ...
Why was Reconstruction a failure?
...Along with knowing the Southern states were not going to secede, they demanded an oath of loyalty from 50% of each states voting population. The restoration of states was a well thought out goal, but didn't accomplish all that they were hoping for. I...
To What Extent Were the Aims of Reconstruction Achieved by 1877?
...Planters did not have slaves any more, which meant that the business was less profitable as now blacks had wages and less hours of working. However planters kept their land, therefore they were still powerful, although not as much as before; so inste...