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Literary Analysis of the Book

What you learned/what is important from the book

When reading the book, I learned how many books could really change a person’s course of life. Malcolm never went to high school or university, yet he is known to be one of the 20th century’s most learned men. “So Malcolm, what’s your alma mater? Malcolm responded, “My alma mater is books!” “People don’t realize how a man’s whole life can be changed by one book” – Malcolm X.

He was convicted for participation in criminal activities in 1946. He became a regular reader while in jail. Don’t wait to start studying until you’re incarcerated. Start right now. (Speak to the brother)

At a moment when discrimination and racism in America were widespread, black men who spoke against it were putting their lives in serious danger. Malcolm was one of the people who was not afraid to speak the truth as it was. He knew he was in danger, but he was still a soldier.

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The bravery shocked some of the fellow African-Americans.”I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for justice, no matter who it’s for or against.” -Malcolm X. There was a part of his desire for equality that he was dubbed by some reporters, ‘ the worst black man in America. ‘ If someone doesn’t do the right thing, we need to speak out against them, for instance oppressing others. By not speaking up, these evil deeds are not eliminated.

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Research shows that people love to stay in places of warmth. It extends to all this planet’s ears. Special people are those who are willing to abandon their social circles continuously. Do people believe in the same things that a decade ago they used to believe? Is your decision tainted by prejudice? Sometimes, no matter how difficult it may seem, we have to abandon our attitudes and beliefs. It doesn’t matter how much it violates society’s values. If it is the right thing to do, it is the moral thing to do. Malcolm X, who was not on a trip to Mecca, travelled across the world to many countries. He obtained valuable knowledge. He discovered that the version of Islam that he was learning was not appropriate in America. He came to realize that there was no good in all white men. He saw effective ways to solve America’s race problems. And as predicted, the latest Malcolm was not welcomed by most of the ignorant African-Americans. “Always keep and open mind, which is necessary to the flexibility that must go hand in hand with every form of intelligent search of truth.” -Malcolm X

What was challenging about the book and why

How do you feel about yourself? Do you think you’re superior to others? Often I deal with questions of self-esteem. Like when I feel like I don’t do much, like a big team victory on Saturday nights. In one of Malcolm’s famous speeches, he asked: “Why do you hate the colour of your skin?” “Why do you hate the texture of your hair?”He spoke to African Americans who struggled from the weight of the system of inferiority. He went so far as to inform them how black people came down from the kings and queens that rule the world. If there is something you’re going to learn through the story of Malcolm; it’s the ability to have a high self-esteem. “A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything” -Malcolm X

What you agree or disagree with about the book and why

I agree with Malcolm X hustle throughout the autobiography. While Malcolm is giving up drinking, cigarettes, and violence while in jail, his background as an after-prison evangelist is close to his previous experience as a hustler. From his years as a hustler, Malcolm maintains experiences, skills and beliefs that support him as a spiritual leader and media personality in his later career. Malcolm’s talents are used as a hustler and then as an advocate not being established with these future roles in mind, but rather focused on the required life skills that Malcolm acquired at an early age, stressing that life is a matter of life or death for the urban black person. Although the young life of Malcolm is very different from his adult life, at both stages of his life, his ability to fight for survival in the racist culture of America is equally important.

How the book is related to materials and/or your experiences from the course

Today we talked about race, gender, sexuality, and our differences between our classmates. During the discussion, things got heated and feelings were hurt. It was a tough topic to talk about but in this generation, this should be talked about in every institution. During the heated conversation, people in the class did not know what was privileged and what wasn’t. One of our classmates stated, “Privileged, is that the athletes in this room can go to school for free.” What that person does not understand is that we had to work to get this full ride scholarship to this expensive institution, and I will let you know now that it was not easy for most of us. To be a student athlete on a scholarship at this level, you will need to be sharp in every aspect, on the field, and the classroom. Therefore, us student athletes are doing everything the full-time students do, plus more. Not to mention, if not all, most of us would not be able to attend this University without an athletic scholarship. This experience in class has related to book in ways of how Malcolm X preached about the trials and tribulations us African Americans really have to go through in this cruel world. Malcolm reflects on how us African Americans are dehumanized by racism against blacks. The white people around Malcolm frequently see him as less than normal, and the determination of Malcolm to change that impression fuels his quest for racial equality.

Your personal reaction, emotions, experiences in reading the book.

No other literary work does so much for the Black reader to affirm our race’s essential dignity and humanity. While one might assume that such basic values would be granted in the modern era, it remains a nation in which social powers are continuously chipping from the legal system to the entertainment world. Nevertheless, given much of the so-called “change” that has taken place since the 1960s Civil Rights movement, many of our people still live in the same “ghettos” and “slums” where Malcolm existed during his lifetime. Through describing his extraordinary transition from the drunken, alcohol-addled and unethical Detroit Red into the respectful, honorable and god-fearing chief El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, his memoir shows the opportunities opening up as Black people realize our own value and expect better from ourselves and others.

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