Literacy and Question Essay

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Literacy and Question

Question 1
The trainer divides the group into small teams that will simultaneously perform role plays. In this way, everyone has a chance to participate. Select one:
a. Spontaneous Role Playing
b. Role Rotation
c. Multiple Role Playing
d. Structured Role Playing
Question 2
Select one:
a. Catalyst
b. Animator
c. Enabler
d. Facilitator
Question 3
This SERVICE component aims to give knowledge on medical-related fields and extend health services needed in the community. Select one:
a. Education
b. Safety and Security
c. Care for Health
d. Values Formation and Moral Recovery
Question 4
Part 2 of the hands-on application of the acquired skills and knowledge that involves project preparation, planning and implementation at the assigned adopted communities. Select one:
a. CWTS04
b. NSTP03
c. CWTS03
d. NSTP04
Question 5
He serves as the Action Man of the Calamity-Disaster Control Group. Select one:
a. The Server
b. The Vice Chairman
c. The Disaster Committee
d. The Chairman
Question 6
In which year where new daunting challenges, such as the pressures of the globalizing economy and the debilitating Asian currency crisis that brought many Filipino companies to its knees came? Select one:

a. 1970
b. 1990
c. 1960
d. 1980
Question 7
It is one of the vitamins and minerals the body needs particularly for the thyroid to function properly. Select one:
a. Vitamin D
b. Vitamin C
c. Iodine
d. Calcium
Question 8
Groups of people who share some common interests or functions. Select one:
a. Urban/Rural Communities
b. Geographical Communities
c. Functional Communities
d. Sectoral Communities
Question 9
The term community was actually derived from the Latin word, ____________, a noun describing quality implying “fellowship, community of relations and feelings.” Select one:
a. Constipate
b. Comics
c. Commute
d. Communis

Question 10
The 2008 FLEMMS was conducted in coordination with the Literacy Coordinating Council (LCC) and the _________. Select one:
c. DepEd
Question 11
Project ______ is the element which tries to answer what your project aims to do and what is the project for. Select one:
a. Boundaries
b. Target Beneficiaries
c. Objectives
d. Methodologies
Question 12
What is the tradional way of classifying communities?
Select one:
a. Geographical Communities
b. Rural/Urban Communities
c. Functional Communities
d. Barrio/Ciudad Communities
Question 13
_____________ is a systematic, planned and liberating change process of transforming a complacent, deprived and malfunctioning community into an organized, conscious, empowered and self-reliant, just and humane entity and institution. Select one:

a. Concerned Citizen
b. Community Development
c. Community Organizing
d. Certified Wannabe

Question 14
Persons who completed high school or a higher level of education are also considered ____________. Select one:
a. kind and gorgeous
b. honest
c. functionally literate
d. hospitable
Question 15
Conducting demonstration is composed of how many steps?
Select one:
a. 1
b. 7
c. 5
d. 3
Question 16
What is the government project that address on the problem on malnutrition? Select one:
a. None of the Above
b. Operation Oral Fitness
c. Feeding Program
d. Operation Timbang
Question 17
Question text
It summarizes important data or conclusions, such as population demographics or employment trends. Select one:
a. SWOT Analysis
b. Table or Graphics
c. Maps
d. Narrative text
Question 18
Question text
What does “S” stands for in SERVICE components?
Select one:
a. Sacrifice and Sympathy
b. Sacred and Society
c. Sophisticated and Satisfactory
d. Safety and Security
Question 19
Based on the 2008 National Nutrition Survey(NNS), what is the top reason why
mothers stopped breastfeeding? Select one:
a. inadequate milk flow
b. crack nipple
c. child refused
d. working outside home
Question 20
Which is the first step Conducting a Workshop?
Select one:
a. Form small groups from the whole population of participants b. Process
c. Explain the objectives, expected output/s and instructions d. Supervise the actual workshop and assign at least one facilitator Question 21
This SDS involves students in community work in terms of socio-civic programs. Select one:
Question 22
It is a change in the statistical distribution of weather over periods of time that range from decades to millions of years. Select one:
a. Continental Drift
b. Earthquake
c. Ocean currents
d. Climate Change

Question 23
The Cause and Effect Wheel is also known as:
Select one:
a. Analysis Circles
b. Eccentric Circles
c. Reasoning Circles
d. Concentric Circles
Question 24
It is the traditional way of classifying communities
Select one:
a. Geographical Communities
b. Urban/Rural Communities
c. Sectoral Communities
d. Functional Communities
Question 25
What region in the Philippines has the highest population of 10-64 years old? Select one:
a. CAR
b. Region X
c. Region IX
d. NCR
Question 26
Which is not a natural cause of climate change?
Select one:
a. Volcanoes
b. Continental Drift
c. Ocean currents
d. Greenhouse gases
Question 27
Conducting a workshop is composed of how many steps?
Select one:
a. 5
b. 3
c. 6
d. 4
Question 28
It prepares plans for the conduct of drills and serves as the Communication Center to signal the start of evacuation or to signal whether it is already safe to return to the buildings. Select one:

a. Plans and Operations Committee
b. The Chairman
c. The Vice Chairman
d. Disaster Assessment Response Team
Question 29
Volunteers take turns playing the same role. After enacting the situation, the players switch roles and demonstrate their own approach to the situation. Select one:
a. Role Rotation
b. Multiple Role Playing
c. Spontaneous Role Playing
d. Structured Role Playing
Question 30
It involves sports fest, parlor games for street children and painting that enrich youth’s capacities to relate with one another in the community. Select one:
a. Care for Health
b. Safety and Security
c. Recreation
d. Education
Question 31
It is a part of the “Tree Analysis Tool” which is defined as primary problems resulting from the issue identified at the roots of your tree. Select one:
a. leaves
b. branches
c. trunk
d. roots

Question 32
__________ useful in providing benchmarks to gauge the country‘s progress toward achieving the Millennium Development Goals, including the eradication of hunger, reduction of child mortality and improvement of maternal health. Select one:

a. National Nutrition Survey (NNS)
b. None of the above.
c. 2008 Functional Literacy, Education and Mass Media Survey (FLEMMS) d. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (CSR)
Question 33
This survey, a functionally literate person is one who can read, write and
compute or one who can read, write, compute and comprehend Select one:
a. Functional Literature, Education and Mass Media Survey
b. Fast Literacy, Education and Mass Media Survey
c. Flexible Literacy, Education and Mass Media Survey
d. Functional Literacy, Education and Mass Media Survey
Question 34
What region in the Philippines has the lowest population of 10-64 years old? Select one:
a. Region III
b. Region VIII
c. Region IX
Question 35
This includes daily files, routine in nature even if lost or destroyed. This class represents the bulk of records which should not even be attempted to be protected in the event of disaster. Select one:

a. Class I (Vital Documents)
b. Class II (Important Documents)
c. Class IV (Non-essential Documents)
d. Class III (Useful Documents)
Question 36
It is the most important greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.
Select one:
a. Nitrogen
b. Helium
c. Carbon Dioxide
d. Oxygen
Question 37
______ a core values which demonstrates that a Mapuan is fitting, pertinent and applicable which is as important as excellence. Select one:
Question 38
What region has lowest literacy rate?
Select one:
a. CAR
b. NCR
Question 39
This tool assists students in understanding the relationships between cause and effect, action and reaction. Select one:
a. Tree Analysis
b. Cause and Effect Wheel
c. Tool for Analysis
d. Action Analysis
Question 40
It involves the development of youth to be good leaders, responsible individuals imbued with good moral values and active agent of development of the community. Select one:
a. Industry and Entrepreneurship
b. Education
c. Values Formation and Moral Recovery
d. Environment
Question 41
These are the elements that a community may possess EXCEPT one Select one:
Question 42
It involves students in community work in terms of literacy programs. Select one:
What is the year when Martial law and the adverse effects of the oil shock that pushed more Filipino families into poverty happened? Select one:
a. 1960
b. 1990
c. 1970
d. 1980
Question 44
_______ is the President and co- Founder of Binalot Inc.
Select one:
a. Rommel Juan
b. Juan Norman
c. Juan Dela Cruz
d. Juan Romel
Question 45
Who said these: “CSR is not a destination but an ongoing journey. By consuming our products, our customers invite us into their lives, and we take this very, very seriously.” Select one:
a. Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala
b. Manuel M. Lopez
c. Kandy Anand
d. Emmett D. Carson
Question 46
Which region has the highest population in our country?
Select one:
b. Region IV
c. NCR
d. Region III
Question 47
This is the common problem among children in the Squatters area. Select one:
a. Insufficient Education
b. Malnutrition
c. Early Employment
d. Food Shortage
Question 48
_________ is a trait essential to personal development and growth. Select one:
a. Self-discipline
b. Integrity
c. Honesty
d. Cooperation
Question 49
When did Mapua first initiated its NSTP?
Select one:
a. 2Q of AY 2001-2002
b. 2Q of AY 2005-2006
c. 2Q of AY 2002-2003
d. 2Q of AY 2004-2003

Question 50
A two-part program that re-introduces the NSTP-SERVICE components of the NSTP-CWTS Dimensions of Development and the hands-on application that involves project preparation, planning and implementation at the assigned adopted communities. Select one:

a. CWTS02
b. NSTP01
c. CWTS03
d. CWTS01

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