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Space Study and Development

Space study and development have continually been made on a quite a lot of numbers of failures in the past, combine with the complications of simulating space environments on the ground and space vehicles launchers need massive power or escape velocity to discharge from the earth to launch its contents into the space. Space scientist and engineers have been cracking the unidentified technical issues resulting from numerous analyses of the causes of failures.

While the number of space objects or debris has increased immensely over the past 15 years and projected to be around 100 million objects and satellites are vulnerable to this space debris which is threats to the satellites moving trajectory in the orbit however, they are considerably lesser probability risk than risk of launcher or satellite mechanical failure.

It’s established that satellite design and setup strength, sheltering of satellite components and equipment should be reconsidered for the sake of protecting most critical equipment and as mitigation factor and this call for concern in risk management such that NASA issued its first policy for limiting orbital debris.

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(Denis, 2013). With the increasing amount of space debris and congesting the space the more the fragments continue to collide with each other and a new fragment are created while major uncertainties are involved. The debris mostly poses a serious collision risk to space mission and could cause danger to satellites operating on the densely populated lower orbit.(Thierry, 2012)

The risk of satellite collision with space debris has not been a severe worry until of recent as the risk is considered small compared with other threats like technical malfunctioning and launch failure, the current risk assessment do not look at the low frequency of the risk meanwhile the damages and consequences might be enormous.

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There must be Collaboration with industry strategist to improve on the risk assessment to develop preventive measures and mitigations to reduce impact. Evaluating the feat of the current space debris mitigation guide lines and to understand the consideration of the space debris environment to a diversity of small satellite and collection parameters, the measures to which can be taken to mitigate against the impact of small satellite.(Hugh, 2017)

Safety procedure, safety collaboration policy, mission security risk threat valuation are some of the fitting measures to threats as risk assessment stated by Stefano Zatti in his presentation on risk assessment for space mission in the European Space Agency, he further outlined that risk threats like software, unlawful access, ground facility physical risk of attack on the ground equipment, interference among others can be devastating to any kind of space mission.(Stefano, 2007)

Space missions have a value that returns to humanity by improving their living standards, therefore a need for security and safety policy of such mission need to be supported; infrastructures that are providing access to and from space must be safe from all kind of risk. Cooperation amongst both civilian and military activities, terrestrial element and space based elements need to be protected with policy to mitigate any kind of risk to these elements or ground infrastructures. Space mission guarantee in a setting of cyber risk field threat requires process of Ranking, Plotting, Exposure and threat of mission risk offer an endless variety to size mission assurance.(Kamal, 2011)

Mission risk safety policy has to be in line and clearly state the level of protection of information related with any kind of mission while organisations should collaborate to fulfil the mission to avert any threats. Threats assessment should be carried out by using the outcomes of the security policy and security interconnection documentation to aide in identifying the risk courses and the value of the information and asset to be protected. The threats to a typical space mission could be to space element (satellite), system network, control and command centre in caring for these elements the organisation ought not to afford to waits for the problems to happen before applying countermeasures rather a risk assessment need to be carried out to avert impact.

Satellite assembly is slightly complicated in terms of the information safety point of view while it comprises part of wireless and the wired components of communication, it’s clear that information safety risk cannot be over looked. So many satellites are available rendering services to humanity but no mention of data security not withstanding that most of the security risk can be mitigated.(Pasi, 2009)

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