Listo Systems Essay

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Listo Systems

Listo Systems management decide to implement “ Black Box”, a new anti theft data security system to tackle recent increase in data theft. The new anti theft system will influence the movement of data as well as the working style of entire staffs. Cami Machado, an experienced staffs of Listo system who was handling “ traffic” project and technical staff trainings and support is chosen to lead “ Black Box” installation project. Seeing her excellent track record to implement new hardware and software, company chose her to lead the project. She is excited about the business opportunities going to create by installation of new “ Black Box” project. However, the installation process will not be easy, as it seems.

She is confident about her ability in successfully installing “ Black Box” but worried about the staffs opposing the process of installation. Most of the technical staffs are against this project. Further, artists’ staffs believe that the great impact of this project will be on creativeness process. In addition to this, installation of this project will increase the risk of loosing creative staffs to rivals who do not have “ Black Box technology”.

Causal variables

“Causal variables are those factors that influence the course of developments within an organization and its results or accomplishments. These variables are within the organization’s control and can be altered by the organization” (Hersey, Blanchard & Johnson, 2008). In this case, “Black Box” is the causal variables. This project has ability to influence Listo development process as well as the end results or accomplishments of Listo. Further, “Black Box” implementation decision is totally under control of Listo management and the decision of installation can be changed by the Listo management if they want to.

Intervening variables

The human resources that are affected by the decision of Listo System of implementing Black Box (Causal variable) are intervening variables (Hersey, Blanchard & Johnson, 2008). The current condition of most of the Listo’s technical staffs and artists’ staffs who are resisting the installation of Black Box are intervening variables in this condition. Most these intervening variables (technical and artists staffs) will opt to leave the Listo for competitors if there demand is overlooked.

Potential output variables

Potential output variables are the dependent variables that reflect the achievements of the organization (Hersey, Blanchard & Johnson, 2008). The extends to which the “ Black Box” can control the hacking and data theft of Listo system will be the potential output variables. The output variables in this will depend on the proper installation of “ Black Box” and the commitment and motivation shown by intervening variables (technical and artists staffs) towards the objective of this project.

If I were Cami

After thorough analysis of casual, intervening and end result variables, I have found that casual variable is central of three variables. Casual variable create situation of intervening variables, which will have great impact on end results variables. Trying to change intervening variables will not change the end result variable by much rather trying to change casual variables will be effective on both intervening and end result variables (Hersey, Blanchard & Johnson, 2008). In this case, trying to change the attitude of technical staffs and artists staffs will be much less effect on end results variables. Instead, I would rather request suggestion (help) from those apposing staffs on how to implement this new project to satisfy their complain. Modifying Black Box installation project according to their request will improve end result variables.

If I were boss

If I were Cami boss, I would focus my time on motivation and controlling. The planning to install “ Black Box” and organization require to install “Black Box” is already finished. Now, I have to focus all my attention on controlling that everything is going according to the plan. If not, what controlling measure should I need to take to bring project on track. Further, to enhance efficiency, employees’ motivation is necessary. Being boss, it is my responsibilities to motivate employees to move forward to accomplishment of organization goals.

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