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Lightest football Essay

I have chosen to focus on just one of the sports manufacturers – Nike, for two reasons. 1. Nike is arguably the fore runner in the technological developments of most sports – football being one. 2. There is little deviation between the finished products and their properties regardless of the manufacturer – and with Nike being the largest of all the sports brands, it seems logical to focus on them. Shirt Nike cool motion shirt (image 1)  Two layers lighter than one  Inner shirt wicks moisture.

Outer shirt has vents and water resistant properties  Luminous colouring makes visibility improved under floodlights Boots Nike vapour boots (image 2)  Lightest football boot around – built for speed Soft ground 194 g Firm ground 202 g  Sprint spike stud configuration  Ultra thin synthetic for `feel` of the ball Ball Nike mercurial vapour ball (image 3).

Synthetically made – strength and durability in all conditions  Low water retention – keeps shape and weight  2% more deviation in flight – leading to harder shots, therefore more spectacular goals  Special small sided games version in metallic silver – higher visibility Protection Nike vapour guards (image 4) Lightweight – again built for speed  Anatomically shaped providing optimum fit  Wicking inner layer Nike Kracken gloves (image 5) 4mm thick grip – durability and shock absorption in all conditions  curved grip for easier catching of the ball  wicking inner layer Headers` padded head band (image 6).

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reduces shock to the brain  reduces risk of concussions  reduces risk of onset of post game illnesses directly associated with brain trauma (i. e. Parkinson’s) Stadia After the Hillsborough disaster of 1989 and a series of other crowd related tragedies (Heysel 1985, Bradford fires) there was a need to drastically improve the stadia across the world. The Taylor report deemed that all top division clubs must have all seater stadiums, with restrictions placed on those without.

Similar guidelines were introduced and applied with lower league clubs, where although all-seater stadiums were not compulsory, the safety of each stadium must pass stringent checks. There have been cases especially highlighted in the conference league where upon a club has been promoted, only to be demoted back to the same league immediately because their ground or stadium did not meet safety regulations. The recent world cup in Japan/Korea highlighted the new breed of `super stadia`, where spectators can rely upon space age technology to enjoy watching in safety and comfort.

(Image 7) Television Due to the ever increasing demand to watch football, and sometimes the increasing price to do so, the needs of the spectator, whether at home or at the stadium remain almost the same. Television, has pumped money into many clubs, and very nearly ruined many others. (the collapse of ITV digital bankrupted some smaller clubs)  Television runs football – date and times of kick off are directly effected by television companies The majority of money involved is directly to do with television – TV rights, pay-per-view  Some clubs cannot survive without TV. money.

Football and television have become co-dependent Conclusion  advancements are geared towards providing more of a spectacle  speed of the game has increased – more end to end action  balls/boots are benefiting the scoring of spectacular goals – again more spectacle  Spectators watch games in more comfort – at a price, some match tickets are no longer affordable.  Sport is run now like a business – high risk for high rewards, and the rewards are getting that much greater Money essentially now runs the game.

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