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Light throws sparks Essay

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The article discusses the recent event that happened within the University of Zulia (LUZ). Last May 8 and 9, there had been launching of tear gas canisters at the Faculty of Liberal and Education as well as in the Faculty of Dentistry. The two consecutive events created fear and anxiety for the students, faculty, and administrators of the University. The incident left 17 students and 1 professor severely injured. As a result, the incident disturbed most of the classes, and led to the cancellation of all the classes in the morning.

Classes in the afternoon resumed but fear was still felt by the students and the faculty. In order to address and prevent the terrifying incident, the University had already called the attention of the government. Although the University of Zulia is known for its autonomy from the government, Rose Nava, a Vicerrectora Academic, stated Article 7 of the University law which stipulates that in times of grave danger, the police must be called. The said incident was believed to be caused by the clash of candidates for the election of the Confederacy of Universities (FCU).

Although no parties are admitting the violent act, candidates have spoken to their co-students to stop the violence and resort to proper and legal means for their concerns. Luiggi Nery, a candidate of the Initiative 13, said, “We should avoid the registration of destructive actions. ” Jose Vine, also a student leader, stated that anything that results in human losses or action that leads to violence must be stopped. Title: Behind Closed Doors They Sign the Collective contract of Sidor Author: Henry Parada Lopez Published: 05 -13-2008 Tuesday From: Nuevaprensa. com (http://www. nuevaprensa. com. ve/index. php?

option=com_content&task=view&id=10060&Itemid=2) The article narrates the recent event that involved the Government of Venezuela and Sutiss, a steel producing company. The government and Sutiss both signed a contract for the creation of another corporation which will bear the name “Iron Steel Works of Venezuela. ” The mission of this new corporation is to enhance the steel and iron products as well as develop the technologies to create quality products. The contract signing was supposed to be conducted in public, but the higher ups changed their plan, as sudden actions against constructing the corporation created worries.

Thus, rather than having the Guyanese Region present, the workers were the only audience in the contract signing. Instead of conducting a collective signing, President Hugo Chavez was given a tour of the corporation. The President truly believes that the promotion of mining and enhancement of steel and iron production would truly enhance the economy of Venezuela. President Hugo Chavez, a known socialist, said “We are going to create this corporation to order all the system of production of our steel, since the mines where the mineral of the iron is produced.

” The President also said that capitalism is not good for a state and in order to stop that, “one must continue dominating spaces inside the country. ” Though there lots of negative comments towards the corporation, President Hugo Chavez is positive towards the outcome of this corporation, not only economically but socially. In achieving success, the President called for action towards unity and cooperation. He encouraged the working class, students, peasants and the National Armed Forces to be matured and to leave each other’s differences for their own success. Title: Politics and Sex Should Be in the Same Scale Author: Charlie Garcia

Published: 05-12 -2008 Monday From: CadenaGlobal. com (http://www. cadenaglobal. com/Noticias/? Not=174607) The column was about a question raised by a reader in which she asked the rights of women and how is it addressed by the government. As the writer discussed, we are currently in the modern times wherein women could easily relate to love and sex. Due to this, there is a need for the government to open up this topic and create official political documents addressing such issue. The writer stated that in the past, sex is not something that the international community is paying attention to as it is viewed as only an external factor.

However, because of the emergence of globalization and strengthened Western relations, the ways on how the issues of sex are viewed have changed. Although openness in terms of sex can be observed in many societies, there are still countries that are not open to changes. In Afghanistan and Iraq—countries currently occupied by the United States—women are killed or given death threats if they hold any government positions. In Venezuela, the government has very well reflected the current female rights but it is not enough to address the problem of the rights of women.

As the writer put it, the “the government at times find the theme of the female human rights too problematic to discuss in detail or they see it with little interest”. In the international community, there are evident examples of discrimination of women. These include the little reference on the female rights against domestic violence, sexual exploitation, and forced marriages, among others. There are no sanctions against countries that have a high percentage of human rights, specifically for women. Commentary: I often heard of the country Venezuela through international pageants, newspapers, television and the internet.

As I have known, it is filled with interesting tourist spots due to its location and rich culture. However, as I was browsing the internet trying to find news that seemed interesting to me, I learned more about the country Venezuela. It is not simply a country with a lot of tourist destinations; it is a country filled with issues and concerns, just like others countries of today. As a developing country, Venezuela has a lot of concerns to address and one of them is the strict competition when it comes to elections.

Just like in any country or culture, a person or organization that strongly feels about their advocacy would result in violence if he or she does not see that their goals are attained. I do believe that the launch of the tear gas canisters which led to violence was caused by their strong belief or was a form of protest. Although it is not a terrorist attack, it still brought fear to the University. The second article that I chose discussed about a contract that supposedly signed by President Hugo Chavez and Sutiss. I find the news intriguing, because the reason behind the sudden closed door the contract signing was not publicized.

There are a lot of speculations that came into my mind, including corruption and conspiracy. The news was interesting but I suddenly questioned the real intentions of the government and the Sutiss in cooperating to establish a new company. The last topic was about sexuality and the current actions of the government towards creating female human rights. This story really piqued my interest because it focused on the reality of what really is happening in terms of the rights of women. The statement given by the writer, for instance, drew my attention.

The creation of and addressing the human rights of women is very complicated to discuss as it may require recreating the laws of the land to fit the rights to be granted for women. It is evident that even in the modern world, women are still limited due to the restrictions made by the society and the government. Although there are plans made for the women to have determined and precise laws applicable to them, there are no direct actions made by the government to present their real interest to create equality between men and women. All the news articles made me realize that every country has its own issues that need to be solved.

Further studies on Venezuela would reveal the roles of culture, society, and history in the issues that this country is currently facing. The hunger for power, development, and equality are the major struggles seen in these articles. Each of these presents the different sides of Venezuela which I have never seen before. There is a huge difference between life in Venezuela and the lifestyle of United States. In Venezuela, I believe that poverty is definitely hard to eradicate due to lack of education and opportunities for the people. On the other hand, development and progress is also a challenge to achieve.

This is evident in the lines uttered by President Hugo Chavez in which he encouraged and called for all the citizens to unify and cooperate in achieving success and development. Although there are many struggles in attaining these goals, hope is still exhibited by the President which shows his passion and desire to create a successful Venezuela.

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Garcia, Charlie. “Politica y sexo deberian estar en la misma balanza. ” Cadena Global. Cadenaglobal. com. 12 May 2008. 14 May 2008 <

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