Lifestyle or Medication Essay

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Lifestyle or Medication

Chronic constipation can be prevented or controlled by diet and lifestyle changes that increase the speed at which stools travel through the intestines. If these changes do not help medications or surgery may be the next approach. These are some of the recommended lifestyle changes to prevent or control chronic constipation. The first step is to gradually increase your intake of fiber, exercise at least four days a week, and take bathroom breaks. Additional options to relive constipation are laxatives such as: fiber supplements, lubricants, and stool softeners. Your doctor may prescribe medications that draw water into your intestines. There are some factors that might make these lifestyle changes difficult to accomplish. These factors include the type of work you do. You may be a person who sits a computer most of the day. In this case you will need to come up with a time to exercise (early morning or lifter work). Taking fiber supplements could create a problem at work.

You will need to make a schedule to take your fiber, without the risk of interrupting your job responsibilities. The suggested time for taking fiber would be early morning, or after dinner. I would choose a lifestyle change for constipation as opposed to medications. Diet and exercise can not only aid in constipation but it also helps other conditions in your digestive system such as hemorrhoids. On the other hand if you suffer with constipation after making ta lifestyle change then it is time to see a doctor for professional help. When you chose to make a change in your lifestyle, it becomes a healthy habit that can enrich your life, and help you become healthier individual. Constipation can be controlled or prevented and the choice is up to you. Make a lifestyle change today.

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