Lifestyle and Hobbies Essay

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Lifestyle and Hobbies

Barbara is a busy mother, who focuses much of her energy and attention on her children and financing their education. When she doesn’t work, she takes care of home and her focuses on cleaning, cooking and shopping for food and clothes for her family. Barbara doesn’t have enough time to watch much television and “doesn’t pay attention” to the few moments of commercial advertising that she is exposed to. However, she often listens to radio while working in her alternation shop. She often switches the radio channels looking for the classic music, broadcasts or news depending on her mood.

Moreover, Barbara is too busy to look for a product; therefore, the anti aging cream should be easily accessible through home delivery or retailers, which Barbara visits relatively often like supermarkets or pharmacies. Proposition for P n G The findings imply that the most effective method of advertising P&G’s product for this target segment is by the means of radio advertising. P&G should consider advertising its products through radio channels between broadcasts listened by the target segment.

According to Research from 2008 made by Commercial Radio Australia, 95% of Australians listen to the radio weekly, which makes this medium one of the most effective and at the same time an inexpensive alternative of targeting the consumers. Therefore, to target segment represented by Barbara, P&G has to establish anti-aging cream which is simple, price compatible and accessible through supermarkets such as Coles or Woolworth. (Kotler & Armstrong, 2007) Purchasing behaviour Opinion of the interviewer (Barbara) Barbara uses the elimination-by-aspects decision rule while shopping.

She tends to assign the importance rank and cut-off points to the evaluative criteria of the products she purchases. She chooses the products which are closest to her criteria rank. The key factor in Barbara’s purchase decision making is price. She doesn’t pay much attention to packaging or brand of the product. She often shops in Coles and Paddies Market. Proposition for P n G P&Q can increase the likelihood of the product being chosen by offering free samples, special price discounts and promotional packages.

This method is called operant/instrumental conditioning and is particularly effective while introducing a new product to the market (Appendix 1). If Barbara tries the product under those conditions and she likes it, she is likely to continue purchasing it in the future (Davis, 270). The promotional package containing anti-aging cream, moisturising body lotion or shower cream can be a perfect “excuse” for Barbara to purchase the products that will benefit not only her, but, also her entire family. (Kotler & Armstrong, 2007)

Likes and dislikes Opinion of the interviewer (Barbara) Barbara travels to and from her workplace six times a week. She dislikes waiting for the trains and buses. Proposition for P n G This finding cares an implication for P&G marketing team to consider placing billboards of their product on bus stops and train stations. More cost efficient option to that, would be repetitively advertising through MX free daily newspaper distributed on railway stations, tram and bus stops in Australia (Wikipedia, 2008).

Because Barbara is strongly focused on wellbeing of her family, it would be sensible to use iconic rote method by advertising a range of products (moisturiser, shower cream etc. ) with an association to happiness and wellbeing of a whole family. (Murray, 2006) References Kotler , P & Armstrong, G 2007. Principles of Marketing. Prentice Hall; 12 edition. Murray , C 2006. The Marketing Gurus: Lessons from the Best Marketing Books of All Time. Portfolio Hardcover.

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