Life’s Greatest Miracle Essay

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Life’s Greatest Miracle

1. What are some of the important stages of fetal development? Fetal development starts as the egg was fertilized by a sperm cell. The tough part could be the inability of the egg not to be resorbed for more than 24 hours. The cells divide its self. Then, an embryo will be formed. The egg then will expel half of its chromosome through the process of myosis. Zygote will then be formed and clustered until it reached the uterus. Implantation will occur in the uterus as well. 2. What are the stages of labor? As the labor progresses, there are some changes in the uterus and cervix.

Cervix started to expand at the first stage of labor. It will be completely dilated until the birth of the baby. Then, Placenta will be delivered after the childbirth. 3. What are the possible outcomes of pregnancy? The health of the baby is dependent in the adaptation to extra uterine life. Both the mother and the baby will find the first two hours critical after child birth for it will determine their survival. 4. Why does a women need support during childbirth? Giving birth is painful for women. It is bound by some risks and dangers that may result to death if not properly handled.

Changes are happening in their body in a very unusual manner. The woman is also experiencing unusual behavior on his body function such as in appetite in which she may appear unusually hungry. Thus they need emotional the same way as physical support. 5. Are there any biases in this film? The film explored the topic with objectivity and without biases. It showcased some opinions about the human tendencies that can be resulted from those given facts. They may not be factual but do make sense and are supported with structured reasons. References Roller, D. J. Angier, J. (2002). Life’s Greatest Miracle. USA: PBS Home Video

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