A lifestyle without the modern gadgets, sounds quite a hard life to live. But lets look deep and analyse both sides of this. Life de-modernised would be a time consuming one requiring a lot of time and effort, for example, can u imagine urself carrying around your home stereo, you cannot!!.. instead we have mp3 players and iPod’s too boost our speed in life. Although there are so many negatives to be seen on the surface when considering a lifestyle without modern gadgets, we as people have actually forgotten the beauty and simplicity of life without modern technology.

The simplicity of learning to do things by yourself instead of a ‘machine’, the simplicity of working together physically instead of creating your ‘own workspace at home’ as ‘teleworking’, confining you to a lonesome boundary in life giving you all the opportunity to procrastinate in ur own home.. Technology is good but has also brought people to a height of extreme convenience where we easily forget our roots of simplicity.

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Time is very precious in today’s era. Everyone wants to do things in very short span.

The quotation “Stitch in time saves nine” means if you finish something in time, you will be able to do ten things in the time you saved. Keeping this in view, scientists and technologysts developed many new things to save as much time as possible. In each and every sphere of life we can find machines and gadgets that saves our time a lot. Wether it is business, transport, education, communication, new technology did a lot.

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ATM is one of the inventions of time saving gadgets. ATM is expanded as Automated Teller Machine.

Or sometimes we can also say it as Any Time Money machine which is true in its sense. We can draw money at any instance of time with the help of ATM, a day or mid-night, in emergencies, or when we shop we need not have to carry cash, we simply apply the credit or debit card, same like ATM card. Initially, we have to stand in long ques to draw money out of banks, sometimes, the employees are absent, there is some holiday in bank or strike of workers hence we have to sit back without money and our work remains pending for several days.

There was a boy named Salim, he went to factory every day for his life earnings, early morning he used to went and came back in the evening. One day, his owner wants rent. When he came back in evening he found a board at his door, it was written on the board, that if he didn’t pay rent by morning, he will be out from the room. He was very upset, he talked to the owner and takes the deadline of next evening. He thought that he will take a leave from office and will draw money from bank and give it to the owner.

Next morning, he went to the bank, and he find a long que, he was bit upset, but he have to give money before deadline. He stand in the que in the last place, when he was near his turn, he found that the strike break down in the area. Every shop and office went close. The bank also closed due to strike. He was upset and he again came back home without money. Again on TV he found that the strike will remain stir for next 2 days. Hence, this is the best example of giving the importance of ATM in our daily life. Our life was like miscommunicated without these gadgets.

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Life without Modern Gadgets

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