Life without IT Essay

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Life without IT

In 21th century, people are probably all in Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, etc. Are you spending too much time on your computer? A recent survey shows that about 83% of users said “Yes” and only 17% of users said “No”. Internet influences us so much! But, did you ever think that if there haven’t computer any more, so what would life be like without the Internet?

People may say that:” No, it is impossible! Although Steve Jobs died, but Apple Company still survives.” So here I want to say, everything is possible, not absolutely. And what would happen if the Internet completely disappeared? For me, Life is very different without the internet. Because without the internet, I maybe always go out to the pubs and enjoy the company with them. Also without the internet I can’t have this much knowledge in computers because I usually learn some cool stuffs under the internet. The Internet is a useful tool for communication through email and instant messaging, finding information and other resources and for just killing free time. People who find social relations difficult in the real world, or infirm or elderly people, can use the internet to reach out and forge lasting relationships with people they otherwise would never have been able to meet.

Well, people would have to start talking to each other more, like they used to, and the whole morning chat at the post office will return. Kids would have to used the library to find stuff out instead of using Google, which will get them out of the house and learning to do things for themselves. People will receive letters instead of emails. So many people use the Internet that if whoever banned it from the world everyone would complain that much and so many people would sue them that they would be forced to put it back on to regain all their money, or everyone should just move to the planet mars. It’s boring life!

The Internet was a technological advancement that excelled us into the 21st century and changed the way we socialized, did business and purchased goods. It paved the way to the future and still has many exciting advancements ahead of it’s self. There are however many of us who practiced life before it’s time and have experienced a life without the Internet.

A life without Internet, I can’t imagine, myself, living in this century, without the internet, therefore we should treasure the things we have, don’t let Internet disappeared in the world!

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