Life today is better Essay

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Life today is better

Nowadays life is more comfortable, convenient and better than it was a century before. Modern facilities for health, education, communication and transport have added a lot in bringing betterment to the life of people. Advances in technology have provided people with many ways to spend their leisure time and they also have more opportunities to utilize their physical and mental abilities to achieve a better living standard.

Technology and education have got much better as compared to the past as there are more schools, colleges and universities giving basic and modern education. Subsequently, it has revolutionized all the sectors of society. For instance, in the past 100 years, research surveys indicate that millions of people died due to disease outbreaks and absence of cures and appropriate health facilities. But now the mortality rate has significantly reduced because there are hospitals available almost in every town, equipped with basic emergency requirements. Medical research and inventions have eradicated many diseases from the world.

Communication has become much easier and fast as internet, mobile phones, television are available nowadays. There is no need to write long descriptive letters and wait for the response for long time. One can talk and even watch his loved ones with only a single click. They provide a better source of recreation too, thus helping to get rid of boredom. Similarly, infrastructure has been improved hence it has upgraded the standard of travelling. One can travel long distances using airplane in few hours while it was not possible some years ago. People had to travel for days to cover long distances on animals, keeping heavy luggage and food with them. Development in industrial sectors has opened new areas for work to earn a living. It has introduced a wide range of career choices so that one can opt for what he likes to do instead of sticking with the occupation of ancestors.

It can be inferred from the above arguments that standard of life is far better than it was in the past. People have more facilities and choices for spending and maintaining their lives. It has all happened due to the advent of education and technology that was absent in the past.

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