My life story, or what I have lived of my relatively short life

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Hello I am Alex Paraskeva and over the next few pages of this essay I am going to explain my life story, or what I have lived of my relatively short life.

It all started on the 18th June 1987, at approximately nine pm, I was born in Northwick park hospital in Harrow. From then on until the age of two I don’t remember anything significant except for the first word I said was “lamppost,” when I was young I know I loved Winnie the Pooh and was almost fanatical about the books, expecting my parents to read them to me every night.

When I finally reached two years old I would say I probably had the most traumatic experience of my life, when my parents decided to get me baptised. It wouldn’t have been such an ordeal if I was baptised Church of England or Roman Catholic, but they chose to make me Greek orthodox, where their idea of baptising someone is drowning them in the font.

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My first school was Edward Bethams where I met one of my best friends Sharif we used to always play at school, and were constantly in trouble for misbehaving, we both continued like this until year two when we were put into different classes and didn’t really get to see much of one another. Whilst at school the thing I remember most clearly was running around playing with my friends, when suddenly an older boy and me had a head on collision and I received my first black eye.

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It didn’t hurt that much. But my mum was quite shocked when she saw what had happened. My best year at primary school was year six the very last year before starting high school, this was because we didn’t do a great deal of work and we had a great two week holiday to the Isle of Wight which was excellent, as I got to get way from my parents for the first time.

My first holiday abroad was to Ontario in Canada when I was about twelve, I went with my parents and we were staying with family, who had migrated there. The flight was long, roughly eight hours but it was worth it as it was probably the best holiday I have ever been on, there is so much to do and see in Canada. Obviously Niagara falls was a must see and it was absolutely amazing the amount of water which flows over is incredible and is quite frightening, as it is so easy to fall in, we were able to catch a boat called the “maid of the mist” which takes you right up to the falls, this was really enjoyable especially as we got completely soaked by the spray.

I had a great time seeing plenty of other sights including the CN Tower one of the tallest free standing structures in the world, it was so tall that my ears actually began to pop half way up on the elevator, then eventually when at the top there was a glass floor which you could look down to the ground from, I did this until a fat kid began jumping on the glass and I became slightly nervous. My cousin was also really entertaining as he had two horses, which he rode in rodeos; these are really fun events where cowboy type people ride bulls and rope calves. Just before leaving we saw a baseball match which I can honestly say in my opinion is completely boring, three hours of sitting down, not my idea of fun. The best part of the holiday apart from everything being cheap in Canada, was meeting these relatives who I had never seen before and seeing what a relaxed lifestyle they had compared to ours in England, this is probably why I would like to move there when I am older.

The last few years of my life have been the most eventful, I started at Cardinal Wiseman high school, which was daunting at first, mainly because you leave most of your friends behind and are the youngest in this new massive school. But it soon becomes a normal everyday routine that you get used to. It was also good that Sharif came to the same High school as me, as we were able to catch up with each other. Since becoming a teenager I felt I’ve matured enormously and become more independent and open minded, I found new opportunities were available for me to take which were not there before so I am now playing guitar and skateboarding as much as possible. I find my self particularly drawn to music especially rock music, this is probably because my dad always used to listen to music when I was young, and I probably just grew to love it the more he played it. I like many bands but my favourites are Metallica and Guns ‘n’ Roses. Most recently my uncle took me to the Reading festival where I saw loads of great bands playing and had a really good time.

I feel my life so far has been enjoyable but nothing special as I’m still young, but as I grower older I hope to be able to do all the different things I want. For example I want to pass my all my GCSE’s (even French), so that I will be able to go to college and then onto university, which university I don’t care as long as I can study either Politics, economics or history as these are subjects I am particularly good at as well as being interested in. I will then hopefully reach my goal of becoming a stockbroker like my mum’s cousin. The reason for this is that I have my mind set on buying three cars specifically a Bentley, an Aston Martin and a TVR Tuscan. I will then in the perfect world retire at thirty-seven.

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