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Life on the Mississippi

What kind of writer was Mark Twain
An imagery writer

What is the name of the boat that Sam got on
Paul Jones

Where does the Paul Jones journeys to and from
Cincinnati to New Orleans and then heads back up to river to St. Louis

Who persuades Mr. Bixby to learn the way of the mighty Mississippi
Sam C.

Who is the pilot of the steam boat Paul Jones
Mr. Bixby

Who wakes Sam up at 4 in the morning to send him to the wheel
George Rhichy

Why does Mr. Bixby look @ Sam with digust
because the way he came to the wheel dressed

Why does Mr. Bixby get mad at Sam and call hm the stupidest dunderhead i ever saw and heard of
because he doesn’t know any points and Mr. Bixby doesn’t think he can be a good pilot right now

What does Sam reply to Mr. Bixby when he asked Sam what do you suppose I told you the name of the points for
to be entertaining i thought

Mr. Bixby tells Sam there is only one way to be a pilot is to know the river by heart like what
the abc’s

Mark Twain means what
2 phatoms of water means 12 feet

what is called the “upper river”
the 2 hundr3ed miles between St. Louis and Cairo

What is the hat called t hat Mr. Bixby is wearing
poor boy’s hat

what does Mr. Brown try and get Sam to do
leave Mr. Bixby and come pilot for him

the weight of your boat doesn’t matter but instead what
the balance

How fast can the Alex Scott go
17 miles an hour

What was the boiler furnished with on the Alex Sxott
safety bags

Who is the best pilot
old Noah

Who was the second best pilot on the princess
Mr. Bixby

How long was the travel from New Orleans to Natches
17 hours and 30 minutes

How many miles did the get stranded up a dry creek
2 miles by a flash flood

How was the creek bed
sunstrip bone

Why couldn’t Mr. Bixby see when he was backing the boat
because the power wheel was making to much dust

What does Tom Greely return to Emmline
her umbrella

What is Emmline drawing a picture of
the river

How muc pressure was the boat holding
140 pounces

What is the name of the movie
Life on the Mississippi

What is the name of the pilot house that was just sticking out of the water
Wake Robin

What is an alligator boat
to trudge out alligator out with

How much does the government fine you for killing an alligator
50 dollars

What the sacret bird of the south
the buzzard

What did Emmline do when Sam was telling her about the bird of the south
she left

What is most feared by all steam boater
alligator reefs

What does Emmline say to Sam about the big steering wheel
you have to have a mighty strong body to steer this boat

Why does Sam tell the dude to make the boat go faster
to show off to Emmline

Tomorrow at 2nd watch on Island 66 what happened
It made Sam panick and think that the wheel was gunna touch the bottom

Whose does sam hear as he goes into a buliding
George rhichy

What is the cub pilot’s name that died
George Rhichy

Who takes Mr. Bixby spot on the boat as head pilot
Mr. Brown

What does Mr. Brown say to Sam’s shoes looked like
frog spit

If u heard the dog barked u passed what

What does a cat fish tell you if you catch one
how deep the water is

How long were they going without a driver
45 minutes

Why were the pilots loosing their jobs
because they didn’t wanna pay a lot of money to tons of pilots

What happend to the boat George Rhichy was on
it blew up

What kind of boats were Sam, George, and Mr. Bixby on
steam boats

How long did Sam stay on the river
4 years

What did Mr. Bixby call the people on a lower boat
toad face pukes

What was Sam asked for when he got on the boat
his ticket

Where did he sleep when he first got on boat
next to the cows

What time did Sam have to get up to in the morning for his first watch
4 A.M.

If the moon was not out what would they use for light
lightning bugs

What do you have to learn about the river
the shape

What do you do before you hail the boat
ring the bell

what is the name of the ship that blew up
Paul Jones

What happened to George Rhichy towards the end of the movie
he dies

What did Sam use to admire but know he see different
sunset, trees, and river

What did Sam say the streak from the sun on the water was like
like a portrait

Mr. Brown offered Sam how much a week to come and pilot for him
50 cents

What do they call the bench in the pilot station
the lazy bench

What did Mr. Bixby call the Alex Scott
the finniest on the lower Mississippe

Who did Mr. Bixby sign with for the other boat
Captain Cleinfelden

What did George say he was going to do when he was in the court yard
go fishing

What are the two things that are bad luck
Mayor and minister

You will know where you are on the river by doing what
tasting the water

What did Sam put on his shoes
Goose greese

What type of cabin did Sam get after being pilot
texin cabin

How much did it cost Sam to learn how to pilot
100 dollars

How many ways are there to kill a boat
14 ways

What are the names of the guys who measured the water
Lines men

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