Life on Mars: Exploration & Evidence

One day the Earth will not be suitable for human life to live on. NASA will need to start looking for another planet like Mars that are suitable to live on so when that day comes we are ready. So therefore there are many reasons for space exploration. Astronauts will gain knowledge and become smarter, also NASA has the best-trained astronauts on the field according to critics. Others may say that Mars is too dangerous to explore, but in the long run using valuable resources space exploration is all worth it.

Astronauts who work in the ISS(International Space Station) are known to speak several languages the main one, russian. Speaking several different languages helps and allows astronauts to communicate and help one another. As they are in space they tend to learn about other planets and their atmosphere. Astronauts also become more intelligent as they learn about planets and other stations in space. Often when astronauts return to Earth they bring back so much information that scientist can use for more space explorations and more advanced technology for use in space.

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Astronauts get an average of 2 years for education. Their classes are not just about science they also tend to learn about medical techniques and strategies. Another part of their education is taking speeches because astronauts take many speeches. To be prepared in a dangerous scenario many astronauts take survival training. Survival training helps astronauts to use and rely on natural or basic items, and use them in an important and useful way to survive.

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In order for an astronaut to get familiar with exiting the spacecraft and going to space, they go in a 40ft pool from 4-7 hours (fully geared). As they are underwater they practice working on a full-sized vehicle.

People might argue that Mars is too dangerous, but multiple reasons why it’s not. One reason why its is because it is the most similar planet to Earth and it has the same seasons just 2 times longer. Mars is also the most hospital to live. It was once believed by scientists that Mars’s surface was crisscrossed by canals. Earth and Mars both have various terrains, Mars also has mountain ranges. Their length of days are very similar but Mars has only 40 minutes extra, and it is to be believed that Mars has ice caps similar to Earth. Scientists have found pieces of Mars in meteorites this made it easier for scientists to discover more about Mars.

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