Life of Dogs Versus Life of Cats Essay

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Life of Dogs Versus Life of Cats

Dogs and cats, they are completely different species because they have different attitudes, needs, and habit. However as pets, they have some characteristics in common and go through the same issues of grooming, caring and feeding.

To start with the similarities between dogs and cats, there are some common problems that may occur if these animals are kept as pets. Both cats and dogs have fur; therefore require regular combing and washing, if you don’t want to deal with fleas in your house. Both cats and dogs shed, so there occur a definite problem with cleaning out their hackles. Both of them were domesticated hundreds of years ago, so they got used to living in captivity. The important issue for the breeder is that both cats and dogs nurse their young without significant help from the human. Both cats and dogs can be trained. And last, but not the least – they bring love and affection to humans and love to sleep with their owners and are believed to ease problems with health. Cats similar to dogs get bored, and therefore they need toys to keep them occupied. If you give them all the possible attention, they will be great animals.

Then if we talk about the differences between them, dogs used to live in a pack in the wild, thus, they require being with the pack in captivity, therefore they consider you and your family to be their family. In the wild the dogs hunt in a company of their kind while on the other hand, cats usually hunt by their own selves, and do not need any company. Certainly they can live together, although they do not require being with one another or with anyone else. Dogs are usually extremely playful and want to have a job to do. Dogs are very active animals that can help people to do many kinds of things like exercise, play a game, and so on. Dogs love to be petted, and can sit on your lap for hours whereas cats do not want to sit with you and some of them dislike being held.

Dogs are active during the day and sleep at nights while cats are active at night, and can sleep all day long. Dogs are extremely communicative and use their body language and bark to express their feelings whereas cats can meow, but they are definitely not as noisy as dogs, and much less expressive with their body language. Dogs are strong animals, so they participate in games, but cats just let it happen around it. In addition to this, dogs are social animals that need communication, while cats are independent, and do not need it. Cats have retractable claws, unlike dogs. Cats seem to be very well-balanced and a lot more flexible as compare to the dogs.

Most would say that cats have a higher intelligence than dogs do however; dogs are somewhat smarter than cats in the area of verbal command. For example, you can call your dog by name and usually it will come to you, unlike a cat. There are various similarities and differences that dogs and cats hold to each other. This compare and contrast between the two animals can be supposed in different ways. Some may think more highly of cats due to their intelligence, while others may choose a dog because of their companionship.

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