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Life of Abdul Aziz Muhamat

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This podcast series documents a brief moment in the life of Abdul Aziz Muhamat, he is a refugee from the Darfur region of Sudan who lived in Australia’s offshore processing center on Manus Island. The only way for him to communicate with a Green via a phone and WhatsApp audio messages.They sent over 3, 000 messages back and forth to find him. Aziz shared his more than 900 days stranded at the now-closed detention facility in this podcast.


  1. Is Abdul still at the detention facility today and if so how long did he stay there?
  2. How did Abdul learn to survive in the manner that he did?


I believe that the podcast is Pedantic diction because of the way Abdul talks in highly educated manner.

The tone is very on edge. You don’t know how he survived from the conditions that he lived from. The passing is very slow because of the explanations being a bit veg and once he explains how he is found is fast paced because it’s probably what he remembers the most.

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