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Essay on Life Of A Farmer

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Philippine Rice Farmers Socioeconomic Status

The current trend revealed by the study also suggests that highly educated persons are venturing into rice farming, although the majority is modestly educated or with elementary education only. There is a 2-percent increase in the number of farmers with at least a college education venturing into rice farming. In terms of organizing farmers, however, results show that more than 50 percent of the r...

Field Trip Report: Arbi Falls

It is a recently discovered waterfall near Manipal Lake. This waterfall is active only through the months of August to November, during the monsoon season. Recently this waterfall has come in the spotlight. Hence, a lot of people and Manipal University (MU) students have started coming here. Due to this increase of people, the waterfall and the nearby areas have started getting polluted. People li...

Commercial Arable Farming

At times, the land is left fallow to regain its fertility. It is mostly mechanized as labour is very expensive or may not be available at all. It usually occurs at the margin of the agricultural system, at a great distance from market or on poor land of limited potential. It is practiced usually in the tarai regions of southern Nepal. Crops grown are sugarcane, rice and wheat. * Plantation Agricul...

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Ophelia's Descent Into Madness

The obvious becomes just that when the aim of the author is discerned through the symbolic congruencies and events which precisely outlined the tragic decline of Ophelia's character. The author provides a vast amount of foreshadowing in the early acts. The tragic hero then drags her into the same hell that is his personal realm. He accomplishes this by eliminating everything that had sustained her...

Causes and Consequences of Shay’s Rebellion in Massachusetts in 1786-1787

This made the state leaders decided that there needed to be a change to the federal government. So in this want to change the federal it came about to a Constitutional Convention. Here is where Article 1, Section 8 came to be, this gave the congress the ability to tax the people, which was not the best for the people but better for the states. In conclusion these are a few of the causes and effect...

Farmers' Problems in Late Nineteenth Century in USA

As depicted in A Farmer’s Voice, a Chicago newspaper, (Document D) an eastern leader, Cleveland, takes his western slaves, the farmers, to the courthouse because the farms have been foreclosed. Farm foreclosures, a twenty percent unemployment rate and the cause for Cleveland to return to the gold standard, were effects of the Panic of 1893. Ultimately, this depression added to the unavoidable ob...

Agricultural Development in Cambodia

The Royal Government is strongly convinced that all ministries/agencies of the Royal Government and other stakeholders, including the private sector and development partners, and particularly Cambodian farmers across the country, will join hands in pursuing this mission to bring about development, progress, and prosperity to the Kingdom of Cambodia. Reference 1. Cosslett, Tuyet L. "The Economy". C...

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