Life of a College Student Essay

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Life of a College Student

I personally go to school full time and work a part time job. Although at times it might seem difficult to keep up with school, work and studying, it is actually quite doable as long as you are able to manage your time and work productively. This relates to both McLellan’s “The Dead-End Kids” and Brown’s “Balancing Act: High School Students Making the Grade at Part-Time Jobs” because each article gives good reasons as to why working part time and going to school could affect students in a positive way.

Working a part time job while going to school will not only affect students positively but also give them an idea of what the real world is going be like. Working a part time job while attending school will give students valuable skills in which they could apply to their daily lives. “Working also has helped her to learn to manage both her time and money” said McLellan (306). When juggling between school and work, it is very crucial that students learn to manage their time wisely in order to get all their work done.

They would have to make a schedule and plan when they would do homework and study around their work and school hours. For example, instead of playing video games during their lunch break they could be doing homework or studying. Being employed also teaches young adults how to manage their money. The author introduced an example said by Charlotte “The job has actually strengthened my GPA since I’ve taken on additional responsibilities” (qtd. 310). When adding on duties or responsibilities to one’s schedule, usually the person learns to adapt to the change and becomes more responsible.

They begin to realize that they don’t have time to full around or slack, they need to do what they have to do in order to move onto the next task. They learn how to handle their money and use it on necessities such as school supplies or clothes and save the rest. Instead of spending their money on drugs and entertainment, they can save it and buy books or even a car. Overall, students not only learn how to manage their time, but also how to manage their money; all in which display the act of becoming responsible.

Along with becoming responsible, young adults will get a taste of how the real world is going to be. McLellan says, “Part-time work during the school year […] builds character, teaches responsibility and prepares them for entering the adult world” (306). Students are practically clueless when they are extremely dependent and living off of their parent’s money. Once they gain an income and start buying their own clothes and accessories they realize the true value of a dollar. Money doesn’t come easy, you have to earn it and manage your expenses.

Once realizing this, young adults begin to be more appreciative of what their parents have done and they also begin to get an idea of what the real world is going to be like. Brown shared a quote by a student “[…] Working keeps me out of trouble” (qtd. 309). Once students add on responsibilities such as working part time while attending school they begin to realize that there really is no time for fully around and other shenanigans. They understand that in the real adult world, they aren’t going to be able to afford to mess around; the adult world is strict business.

Nothing is for free in this world, everything virtually has a dollar price and teens realize this once they start working and paying for their own stuff. However, there are others who believe it isn’t a good idea to work part time while going to school Others believe that it is inefficient for students to work a part time job while going to school. They might say “Extensive part-time employment during the school year may undermine youngsters’ education” (McLellan 306). Some people think that work interferes too much with school and that it doesn’t respect the fact that students have tight schedules.

However, this is not the case for many working environments. My job personally assigns me hours around my school schedule so that I’m not only able to attend school but also work part time. This is good for me because I am still able to have an income that will pay for not only my schooling but for my necessities. Some jobs even offer grants for school if you’re able to maintain a high GPA and work a specific amount of hours per week. This is good because it not only encourages students to do well in school but it also gives them a reason to keep the job and save money.

Although work does take up more time of your day, it doesn’t interfere with school as long as you manage your time wisely and work productively. Along with getting a glimpse of the real adult world, students will also gain positive attributes from working a part time job while going to school. They will not only learn how to manage their time wisely but also how to manage their money. Students begin to grow more responsible not only with juggling school and work, but also in decision making. “Working part time while going to school was one of the best decisions of my life” said Anna Shoemoch.

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