Life Lessons Learned Through Employment

Throughout the last four years Coby has had a number of different jobs. While attending high school in Belgrade, he worked part-time at Tiremaxx and also at Menards. In the two years that followed high school, Coby worked full-time at an underground utility company called M&P. Though not all of his employment experiences were pleasant, they were all rewarding and have taught him many important life lessons. In April of 1998, Coby began working at his first part-time job at Tiremaxx.

For Him, this was the first real job that he had ever had other than doing farm work for various farmers. Tiremaxx is a small-town business located in downtown Belgrade, MN.

This provided Coby with the opportunity to interact with many of the members of his community. It also meant that he would have a very short commute to and from work. It was a great part-time job for a high school student. The hours were flexible, which allowed for Coby to have plenty of free time for social activities that he wanted to participate in.

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He only had to work three days a week and didnt have to work on the weekends. This gave him enough time to do homework and other school related activities. Working at Tiremaxx was also a great learning experience. It taught him the significance of diagnostic skills. Such as, figuring out the cause of uneven tire wear and finding problems with engines. He also had to make sure the things that he had fixed were fixed right.

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Through this experience, the most important thing that Coby learned was to be responsible. By the end of August in 1998, Coby had had enough of working at Tiremaxx.

He was ready for something new and different. Therefore, he began working for Menards at the beginning of September in 1998. Working for Menards was a huge change for Coby. He had to go from working with three people at a time to working with thirty people at a time. Constantly being around and helping customers was also a big change and also challenge for him. The challenge of becoming a salesman was very difficult, but also had many benefits for Coby. He found that the toughest part of the job was knowing what products Menards carried and what the specifications of each product were. The benefits enormously out weighed the challenging aspects for him. The social inter action that he experienced helped him to understand society a little better. Also, his public speaking skills were greatly improved. He continued to work at Menards throughout his final two years of high school. At the end of his senior year, he was faced with a very important decision. It was whether he should go to college or just take a year off from school and work. Ultimately he decided to go to work fulltime. This spawned yet another career move for Coby. He decided that he wanted to make as much money as possible in the year that he took off.

There fore, two weeks after graduating from high school he started working construction for M&P. Working for M&P took a lot of getting used too for Coby. Not only was it his first full-time job, it was also a very labor-intensive job. He started out in the position of construction laborer. This basically meant that any job that required any physical labor was probably going to be his to do. For the most part, this consisted of hand digging and feeding cable into a cable plow. Occasionally, he would have the job of spinning cable reels on the back of a cable reel carrier.

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