Life Lessons in the Story Kath and Helen

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Various life lessions were taught in the story kath and Helen, where there was a popular girl at school, kath, and a new girl, Helen. Every sincehelen started school, kath picked on her and did not let her get into activites and always targetted Helen. At lunch when Helen approaches to the table kath is eating at, Kath does not let helen sit and also embarresses her. But when there was a school auditions for the talent show, Kath and helen both signed up and it was obivous Kath wanted a competition.

Kathn’s twin brother kevin helped Helen train for the talent show, making sure she was all ready. The day of the talent show kath started off, she thought this was her chance to make Helen look bad but things went the other way around, kath sang terrible ! and there was no applause from the audience. Show time for Helen was outstanding, the crowd cried in happiness and after she was finished, everyone came towards her, Helen even got offered to sing at christine, a popular girls party! Yet, there was Kath alone in the corner cryung, and kevin there to accompy her .

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Life lessions will always come back for revenge, and you will be the left out one.

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