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Life is Full of Experiences Emotions

Life is full of experiences, emotions, joyful moments and exciting memories. I strongly believe all those happenings do with us and help us to emerge as a strong person to take some brave decisions when the situation arises. Here, I would like to share one of the bravest moments in my life. In 2013, I was working as a scientist in a laboratory where I started my career. I really don’t remember the day when it happened but those memories are still with me.

After lunchtime on one of the weekend days, I was passing near my chemistry laboratory then I noticed one of our casual labor running out of the lab and madly shouting for help. His hair was below his dirty shirt collar.

The left leg of his dark blue jeans was rolled up to his knees. At first, I thought that he was Kiran, but he was too shabbily dressed to be Kiran. I was deciding who he was; I suddenly heard an explosion in the lab.

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Without second thoughts, I rushed into the lab to investigate. I was greeted by thick black smoke when we opened the door of the lab. I covered my mouth and nose with a mask with much difficulty, found the source of the fire. The three litter organometallic reaction was undoubtedly the fire initiator. As soon as I noticed the incident, I passed the information to the emergency incident control team over a call.

Meanwhile few colleagues accompanied me. First of all, we had taken all the solvent bottles and cans in the lab out.

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While we were struggling with the fire-fighting, we were rudely interrupted by a series of loud explosions behind us. We turned around and to our horror; we saw flames near the front door. We were trapped and the only way of escaping was through the narrow windows which were near the rota vapor distillation set up. We realized the hopelessness of the situation as we were completely engulfed in thick fumes and smoke. The acid compartment of the cabinet exploded and also caught fire and the smell was unbearable. In between desperate gasps of breath, we realized the fighting spirit and perused the way to control the incident. We were a team of five and decided to stop the flames one after another.

First of all, we shut down all the power supply and look for the fire kit. Though we had all verities of fire extinguishers in the lab, we were unable to notice them. In a few minutes, we heard the windows being broken. Then excited voices were heard outside. We request them to provide a few fire extinguishers if they can. Ultimately, we found three extinguishers and we put down all the flames. Meanwhile, our fire fighting team joined with us and completely controlled the incident. Finally, we all were taken to the hospital for primary treatment. I believe that was the tough time I faced and responded with lots of courage.

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