Life in the information age

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Information Age is a term that has been used to refer to the present economic period. It refers to the status of the economy in aspects of technology, how many different kinds of computers we have in this century which we didn’t have . In this essay I will talk about how everyone lives in this information age and how we have changed everything with the technology and most of population in the UK use it more often.

In every house there is something from the latest technologies, computing now is being involved in everything for example in schools, industries and its absolutely essential.

The computers and machineries from this period have had a huge impact to the bussinesses and industries, its made everything easier for them and not just in these fields everywhere in the world. In world today we can communicate around the world easily and much more quicker with the help of communication technology we also don’t lose the connections.

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We have the latest phones with the best features too, everyone has phones now as everyone think that they need it. We have better networks allowing us to approach anyone from anywhere. Emailing is another source we use to communicate with the people who don’t live near us or in a different country. We have infrared and the radio interactions controlled by us. We now have satallites in the space which is also helping us to know the informations around the world.

Everyone has got used to these accesses and now most people have credit cards and debit cards which makes life simpler for them as they can withdraw money from the ATM machines or pay the bills easily so they don’t have to worry about the transactions all of these tasks are done by just a fairly small card through the phones or straight away also its quite secure or safe.

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We have phones with features like cameras, music, memory for anything and the network we get all the time. All of these ar evidences which show us the proceedings of the information age at a fast pace.

Never before has it been possible for someone to access so much information so quickly and in such a structured manner, so we are privileged that we live in this information age. “Data storage capacity was limited. Fortunately, the output screens only displayed in two dimensions and there was a limit to the type of data which could be displayed. Flat two-dimensional images and electronically synthesized sounds were the limit of its computer capacity. It was truly ironic that such a limited period was named the “information age”.

“This was an extract from a website many people go on everyday and use to get information on technology; it is about how the technology is improved. “The vision is really that in the information age the microprocessor-based machine, the PC, along with great software, can become sort of the ultimate tool dealing with not just text, but numbers and pictures, and eventually, even difficult ” – Comment by someone on a website about the information age. We can find millions of comments on nearly everything, on every topic which could be used everyday.

Ict plays a big role in mostly everything we do : Communication- People communicate in various different ways but communicating in ICT is one of the best ways to communicate, its easier, it takes less effort and more reliable too. Many millions of people who use computers prefer e-mailing, chatting or messaging rather than anything else. Its also quicker and you can do all different sorts of stuff with communication for e. g. sending a document with the email or even when chatting online for e. g.

By using MSN messenger, it could be pictures, video etc any kind of file and you can rely on it that it will reach wherever you want it. Employment opprtunities- ICT is quite essential in employment because if the worker is good at ICT they could get more approaches or better salaries. All the businesses look for Ict skills in the job seeker’s history mostly. Even in factories the electronics used work similar way to a computer. If you know how to work on a computer well enough you will have more employment opportunities to fulfill your needs.

Banking and shopping- Ict has made life easier for the people who bank and shop. Many millions of shoppers and bankers go online to do what they want. In banking they can go on the profiles of the card holders or if they want they can make transactions online on the websites. In shopping they can buy what they desire by doing online ordering and online payments. The retailers keep computers with them at all times to keep the account of purchases and payment or even the stocks.

When shopping online the costumers can look at their data information by using loyalty cards, with the bar codes the retailers make assurance that the costumer bought the item which was their. Education- as Ict has become more known around the world it made a huge impact on education and in all levels of learning. Many universities require that the students can use computers from when starting schools for further higher education. In schools and universities students are encouraged to use ICT in nearly all of the subjects.

The schools have many recourses through the computers, to support the teaching of computing in schools or colleges a number of organisations or inittatives have been set up to give them support they need to teach it. They get many offers for reduced price computers and other accessories to promote ICT in eduaction. Crime & crime prevention, civil rights & legislation- Ict as shown in this unit makes a huge impact on most of the areas in our lives. It also gives a little support to the criminals and gives them more options or recources so it does concern many people if they live in a secure computing environment for e.

G. many hack in the bankers account and get access to their bank money. There are legislations who are there to protect us from this technology misuse. They give many problems to the websites where cyber bullying is also a disadvantage to the users of the particuler website. Many websites are made to promote criminal activities, many provide racial views and many other types of material which effect negatively to the sociaty. There are many websites which encourage websites which are more controversial or harmful to others.

Although there are some limited powers which stop sites like these too be created but still some of them some how slip through. Crimes like paedophilia is also ocurring in some places through some websites with inapropriate material. ICT could be blamed for this although this information age has created many oppurtunities for us and theres a growth in ICT. So these legislations help us keep ourselves safe from the criminals. My conclusions on life in the information age I think the modern technology is what really gets us going.

Otherwise we will have to go back the time we didn’t have any technology and we had to do all the labour work ourselves. The technology really made my life easier for e. g. the school work wouldve been a lot harder without the internet. Without mobile phones I would communicate as much as I do at the moment. The moments I can catch on the camera to remember would not be possible without the camera there are many other sources which we really do need. As the technology gets more modern its even better although to keep the technology it maybe more expencive.

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Life in the information age
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