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Life in a Village

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 7 (1605 words)
Categories: Life, Life In A Village
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Life in a village is pleasing and enjoyable. Here life is full of tranquility and free from anxieties. Here nature and life mixes together. The name of my native village is ‘Y’. It is in the district of B. Baria. It stands on the bank of the river Titas. It is a big and famous village. Our village is two miles long and one mile wide. About two thousand people live in this village.

All of them  are Muslims. They are very simple and honest. They live in peace and harmony. They help one another. They are peace loving and simple.

The people of different occupation, live here. Agriculture is the main occupation of the villagers. So the petty businessmen live in the village. They go to village ‘hat’ or ‘market’ with their commodities. There are a few service-holders, some of them are school teachers in a nearby primary and high school. Besides there are fishermen, blacksmiths, goldsmiths, potters, carpenters here.

There are some highly educated people in the village. They live in the town.

They visit the village during important religious festivals like the Eids and the other festivals.
There are one primary school, a high school, on maktob, a youth club and an adult school in Our village. There is a weekly market here. It sits on Saturday and Tuesday. The villagers can buy their daily necessaries in the market. There is also a branch post office in our village.
The communication of our village either by road or rail is good. The villagers can go to the town by bus as well as by train. It takes one hour to go the town.

Our School

The place where we receive our first formal education is known as school. It is the place of earning knowledge and building character. I also carry on my formal study in a renowned school of the locality. The name of our school is Mukundapur High School. It Is in B. Darla Sadar Thana. It is situated beside the Sylhet -Chittagong Railway. The school was established in the year of 1968. It is one of the best schools in the district. This is a very big school. The school is housed in a one-storeyed and an L-shaped building. There are twenty rooms in all. There are the Headmaster’s room, the teachers’ room, girls’ common room, a library and a science laboratory.

There is a big field in front of our school. There are twenty one teachers in our school. They are sympathetic and helpful to us. They teaches us, with great care. Most of the teachers are highly educated and trained. Our Headmaster is an M. A. B. Ed. He is a strict disciplinary, but a sweet-tempered and kind-hearted person. There are seven hundred students in our school. Most of the students are studious. They are concerned to keep the rules of the school. The result of our school is very good. Every year a good number of students pass the S.S.0 examination successfully.

Students of this school are regularly getting scholarships. There is a big playground within the school compound. We play football, cricket, volleyball,  adminton and other games. In inter-school games and sports our school earns reputation every year. The school observes some annual functions  such as the annual sports, the prize giving ceremony, the annual Milad, and other national functions as well. Our school is one of the best schools in the district. The school has produced many famous men of the country. I am proud and happy that I read in such a school.


Jute is the main cash crop of Bangladesh. It is called the golden fibre of the country. We get it from jute plants. Generally, jute plants grow from ten to twelve feet high. It has no branches. Its leaves grow on its stem. Jute grows abundantly in Bangladesh. Jute grows in low and moist land. Almost all the low-lying districts of Bangladesh produce jute in abundance. About eighty percent of the total production of jute of the world grows in Bangladesh.

It also grows in India, Thailand, China, Japan and Indonesia. In Bangladesh it grows well in greater Mymensingh, Comilla, Pabna, Rangpur and Rajsahi. The cultivation of jute is a difficult process. It requires hard labour. At first, farmers plough the land well in march and April. After a shower of rain, they sow the seeds. The plants come out in a few days. Weeds are carefully pulled out at times. After three or four months jute plants grow Lento twelve feet high and get matured. Cultivators cut the mature jute plants and bind them into bundles. Then they put the plants underwater to rot.

they rot. After that, they take out the fibre. The fibre are then washed and dried in the sun. Then the dried fibre is tied into bundles and is ready for sale. Jute is useful to us in various ways. Clothes, ropes, carpets, gunny sacks and bags, school bags, mats etc. are made from jute. Recently jute sticks are used in making partex and paper. The stalks are used as fuel. The poor villagers use the stalks for fencing. People eat its tender leaves as vegetables. It goes without saying that jute plays a significant role in the economy of Bangladesh. Because Bangladesh earns a lot of foreign exchange by exporting jute and jute goods to other countries.

Flowers Of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is rich in various natural gifts. Flower is one of these gifts. Many kinds of flowers bloom all the year round. There are -various kind of flowers in our country. They differ in size, colour and smell. Some are large, some are small, some are yellow and some are of mixed colour. Some of the flowers have sweet smell tind some have no smell at all.

Besides, some are seasonal and other grows all the year round. lactose is the most known flower of our country. It is called the queen of all flowers. People like it for its sweet scent and beauty. It grows on a thorny plant. Rajanigandha is a well-known flower in Bangladesh. It is a small sized white flower. It has a long stem. shapla is also a popular flower in Bangladesh. It is born in water. One can see this flower on the pond or on the pool of water.

When a large number of shapla bloom float on water, it creates a unique sight. It is regarded as the national flower of Bangladesh. The marigold has a bright colour and a strong smell. it blooms in winter. The sheuli is the queen of Autumn. It has a snow-white colour. Both of them look beautiful. The Shefali has also a snow-white colour. It brings the charms of early and late Autumn. The lotus, the lily and the kalmi grows in watery places. Again the karabi, the tagor, the Madam, the sunflower and the jaba are all scentless flowers. But we are attracted by the beautiful colour and shape of these flowers.

Flowers are useful in many ways. They are a. source of joy beauty and freshness. They are the symbol of love, purity and gratitude. They are used in decorating our houses on some occasions. Some people are maintaining their lives by selling it. Flowers are gifts of nature. Man cannot live by bread alone. He needs food for his mind too. Flowers supply him with such mental food. So we should take active steps to grow more flowers of different kinds.

A Village Doctor

A village Doctor is the person who serves medical treatment to the ailing villagers at a very low cost. A village doctor is usually a quack, He is one of the most familiar persons in a rural area of all kinds of He is an important person in the village. He may be an L. M. or R. M. P. P. C or a former compounder, gained much experience. whatever be his qualification, the village doctor treats who has fellow in a village. patients. He is the most trusted fellow in a village His dispensary is quite small.

There may be one or two almirahs of medicine. He has one or two chairs and one table. There may be few benches for the patients: He has a stethoscope and a thermornetre. He has also a small bag for containing medicine and other instruments. He has not a large stock of medicine. Only cheap and common medicines are available with him. A village doctor is active man. He rises early in the morning and he examines patients in his dispensary and prescribes medicine for them.

Sometimes there is a great rush of patients in his dispensary. After completing his work in the dispensary, he goes out to attend calls either on foot or by a bicycle. A village doctor is a very responsible man. He takes only a little amount of money free. the patients. Sometimes he treats the poor and the needy without taking anything. He does not mind giving the poor patients medicine or credit. Everyday the village doctor treats many patients. A village doctor has his own way of extorting money.

Though he demands a small amount of money as his fee he charges high prices for mixtures and medicines he supplies. Sometimes he allows the disease to take a serious turn and demands very high prices for the medicines he gives. There is no qualified doctor in a village. Village doctor is highly respected by the villagers. Though he is a quack, he renders great services to the village people. His services to the poor villagers can never be under-rated.

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