Life Frankenstein Essay

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Life Frankenstein

Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein in 1818. Frankenstein was a gothic novel and the book was based on Mary Shelly’s life as she had a lot of death in her life as her mother died giving birth to her she and she lost her only baby. Mary Shelly want to bring her back as that is what Frankenstein did when his mother die giving birth to his brother. There was a lot of increase of science at time which drove Frankenstein to make the monster.

Chapter 5 is the most important chapter as it is when he brings the monster to life but when the monster comes to life Frankenstein would not take responsibility and would not go back to his house “I did not dare return to the apartment which I inhabited.” It shows that man should not play god if they are not willing to take responsibility for their action which Frankenstein didn’t do. He runs out of his house “seemingly to detain me, but I escaped, and rushed down stairs.” Just because he didn’t want to take responsibility for the Monster.

This chapter shows that he is a coward as he made the monster but when he saw it he was scary to him even though he was the one who made it. It also show he is very selfish as he doesn’t think of the monster he only thinks of him self and what would happen if one of his friends sees it “I dreaded to behold this monster but I feared still more that Henry should see it” this show that he thinks more about him self then he does about the monster as he don’t want Henry to see it as it would damage his reputation.

Shelley used the language to create atmosphere like at the start it is depressing as Frankenstein realises that making the monster was morally wrong “it was on a dreary night of November that I behold the accomplishment” but at the end it becomes a scared atmosphere as he doesn’t want to think of the monster “could he allude to an object on whom I dared not even think.” The time of day is night “my candle was nearly burnt out”. The chapter talks about appearance and reality “I behold the wretch – the miserable monster whom I had created” he called the monster a wretch which means he doesn’t see him as a human and he thinks of him as a thing that he can just throw away when he feels like it and make something else just because he look different to every one else when really Frankenstein is the monster.

The chapter also talks about isolation and loneliness as During all that time Henry was my only nurse” when he isolated him self he when insane as he wanted to finish his work and not to rest, but he doesn’t ask his friends for help. The chapter shows man should not play god as it is too much responsibility for them to take. “Dreams that had been my food and pleasant rest for so long a space were now became a hell to me” this show that mortals react to they emotions. Human’s emotions change very quickly and this shows that they should not play god if they are not willing to play it out to the end and that no human can control they emotions.

Studying this chapter has showed that man should not push science too far as it can cause very dangerous things that can hurt people but if we are going to play god which means we should not be allowed to change our emotions and take responsibility for what they have made or done. It also shows that just because you love someone you are aloud to give them a new life as this is going against god.

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