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Lessons Learned: What Life Experience Teaches Us
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The experiences give us memories through the involvement in actions and observation of events. Everyone has the inclination; all one needs is to find the time to reflect and do what is believed to be best. In life, there are many crucial events that stand out in our life which helps us to grow stronger and to be satisfied. Through memoir, the collection of the event which is based on the individual experience can play an essential role which can…...
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How My Life Changed After Barack Obama’s Election
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Our lives are always shaped by events around us. This implies that human life is surrounded by everyday life decisions and choices which always bring about a result that may impact a closer or a far-off individual either positively or negatively. Despite the fact that we as low-level members of the society may not have had a hand in the decision made or we may not even have control over the outcome, it is upon us to synthesize the experience…...
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My Fear and Life Changing Experience
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Breathe. The walls closed on me the further I ascended up the narrow staircase. I kept repeating to myself that it wasn't too late to turn back, but it was. I had committed myself to this journey. As I peered out of the grizzled Gothic windows down to the abyss of the modern streets below; my heart sank, and I started to gasp for air. It's not too late to turn back, I repeated.Everyone has a fear of something. From…...
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Lessons Learned: What Life Experience Teaches Us
...To conclude, a life event can be an experience that interrupts individual activities causing substantial change. The various moments which had occurred in one’s life are one of the essential parts which shape the outcome either positively or negati...
How My Life Changed After Barack Obama’s Election
...​In conclusion, my life changed for the better after the election event in 2008 because I was able to learn some of the greatest moralities present in the life of human beings. That was the time I realized that inequality should be stopped. I furth...
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