Life as a Spy During American Revolution Essay

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Life as a Spy During American Revolution

Hello, my name is John Honeyman, and I am a spy. It is 1777 on the calendar. The real thing I do is spying for George Washington. You might ask me, why have I chosen such a dishonest duty? Why do I help the enemies of the Crown to which I have given an oath? Well, let me explain and perhaps you will not treat me as a cheat. At first, I am discharged from the British army, so i am not tied with my oath anymore. I am a married person living between Americans, so I feel myself American, but not British .

I have seen so many injuries and untruths caused to the colonists by the British, that I became sympathetic about those honest and hard-working people. I understand and support the ideas of freedom for which they are fighting and I believe that their struggle is just. This convinsion became even stronger when I had an honor to be introduced to George Washington himself a year ago in Somerset, New Jersey. Already after his first words I realized that this is a great person and a charismatic leader. His speech sounded so convincing and his faith in victory was so great that I realized that my duty now is to serve this corageous man.

He wanted me to continue my life and business in Trenton and to make further contacts with the British. I have demonstrated, that I am a conservative Tory to make them believe me. Their confidence allowed me to freely move inside the town and gather information about it’s garrison . Later I was “taken prisoner” by the colonists and managed to “escape”. Nobody of the British guessed that being a “prisoner” I have shared the gathered data with Washington himself. But this was not the whole buisiness. I have fooled the British command by telling them, that the continental army would never dare to attack Trenton, and he believed me.

But right after Christmas of the previous year Washington has lead a force of 2400 men to attack Trenton and gain a decisive victory in this battle . When the battle was over I walked around the snowy battlefield covered with bodies of the dead. God, those people might have never died in case I did not betray them. And than I saw Washington riding a horse and moving towards me. Look, – he said – what victory can cost! Maybe Americans died for freedom this day, but what did those redcoats died for? For ambitions of England, and for nothing more.

Thus said Washington. i do not know whether I did right or wrong, but I know that there is no way back. Nobody can say now how this war is going to finish. I am too old to fight it a a soldier, so I was ordered to stay in Trenton and pretend that nothing has happened to escape revenge by our enemies. I continue living here with my family and I am still trading goods. Washington and his followers continue to fight this war with tremendous bravery. Maybe they will lose, but they will still remain right, so God bless them!

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