Life as a parole officer Essay

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Life as a parole officer

For my interview, I interviewed Tiffany Sanders, from the Johnston County Adult Probation Parole office located in Smithfield NC. Before my interview I came up with ten questions to ask Mrs. Sanders during our interview. After my interview with Mrs. Sanders, I have come to the conclusion that I would love to be a probation or parole officer.

One question I asked Mrs. Sanders was “what are the job functions of a parole officer?” Based on Mrs. Sander’s comments, Parole officers are given a caseload of people on parole in which she is required to supervise and guide them through their period of release into the community. A parole officer is also responsible for investigating paroles that violate the rules and testify at court hearings when paroles violate their parole.

Another question that I asked Mrs. Sanders was “what are the pros and cons to being a parole officer?” Mrs. Sanders replied to this question with, “I love my job as a parole officer. Every day I come into this officer with my own special goal to help someone get on the right track and turn their life around.” So to answer the questions, some pros to being a parole officer is that you get to enjoy helping others but that could also be your con to a parole officer job. If you enjoy helping others it may be hard for you to cope with failure when you have a parole that refuses to do better. Another con to being a parole officer is the fact that you get benefits and the job is always in high demand due to the number of offenders.

As I left the office of Mrs. Sanders I could still hear her recommendations to me if I wanted to be a parole officer. Mrs. Sanders recommended that if I wanted to be a parole officer then to make sure that I was dedicated and committed to the job. She feels that being a parole officer can be quit discouraging when you see someone fail that you have tried so hard to
rehabilitate. It is always best to not get emotionally involved with your job and to follow all guidelines and rules to keep from doing so.

I really enjoyed this week’s assignment because I have always had an interest in being a probation or parole officer. After my interview with Mrs. Sanders I now know that this would be the perfect job for me because I love to help people and I feel that criminals can change their ways with support and the right guidance.

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