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Life and Money Essay

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Life and Money

1. Naturally, money is a decisive factor in the career of a man so, nobody can deny its important role and its value his daily activities – What we would like to discuss here is to what extent money is valuable and whether it has an absolute power or more simply speaking, whether it is a key which can open every door as some people think. 2. It’s not true that money has its value only in our modern society – It may be that money varies in form in different ages but its value is generally accepted in every period of time, every country in the world.

– Ever since people knew how to live together in a community and then a society, the relation among people has become quite complicated – The needs of man are of great variety – Something is needed for the purchase of what one needs and sells one’s surplus goods. Money has come into existence as a natural consequence. 3. The problem which several people usually wonder is whether you can buy everything with money. The reply to the question is naturally not difficult at all. Through his daily experience, everybody knows that without money, you will have nothing.

To poor people, money enables them to buy the things extremely necessary for their lives. As for a college student, money will provide him with more opportunities for his further studies. In several countries, going to college is really a problem. – Besides his necessary abilities, he certainly possesses some money- with people whose material life has relatively been settled, money will enable them to have the luxurious things which make their life more comfortable. Money, therefore, has its great value to every walk of life.

However, we all admit that money doesn’t have an absolute power or as a writer put it, “Money does not talk as loudly as some people think”. This means, with money, you can solve lots of the problems you want but, in some cases, money becomes powerless – It isn’t of much help to you and sometimes it even causes lots of trouble to you. 4. A man, however rich he may be, can do nothing but wait for death once he suffers from a dreadful disease and once the most prominent doctors have to give it up.

Money then, becomes useless to him. Another famous writer also said, “You enter the world without a penny and you live it the same way. ” 5. In short, money does have some value but it doesn’t have any absolute power. Therefore, the problem is how we should use our money so that it is both useful to us and to the society – A rich man can bring nothing with him at his death but he can leave his good reputation if, in his lifetime, he has used his money to relieve the suffering of others.

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