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Essay on Lies

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Is Deception ever Justified

It is commonly the higher ethical choice for someone to stray from the truth to benefit themselves or others because most of the time the truth can mean bad things and as people we try to avoid those bad things. It can be said that it is wrong to lie just because you are trying to get yourself or others out of trouble. In some cases this is true, for example if someone commits a felony and truly d...

Lies in Ruskin Bond's Poem

Ruskin Bond was born on19th may 1934 in a military hospital in Kasauli, to Edith Clerke and Aubrey Bond. His siblings were Ellen and William. Ruskin's father was with the Royal Air Force. When Bond was four years old, his mother separated from his father and married a Punjabi-Hindu, Mr. Hari, who himself had been married once. Bond spent his early childhood in Jamnagar and Shimla. At the age of te...

Personality Traits and Development of Sir Gawain

This scar on his neck is an example of Memento Mori, a keepsake that helps Gawain remember his mortality and ability to commit human error. Sir Gawain learns the true value of life through a convoluted process. He is no longer the chivalrous knight that he originally was because he makes the mistake of not telling Lord Bertilak, who turns out to be the corrupted Green Knight in disguise, about the...

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The Ways We Lie

Finally, delusion and illusion are part of the consequences. In Ericsson’s article she said that delusion is closely related to other forms of lying such as dismissal, omission, and amnesia. It is a form of protecting yourself from facts that you don’t want to face. Instead of taking a good look at yourself and being totally honest with yourself, you allow logic to go out the gap and make up p...

Lies and Truth in Shattered Glass Movie

Chuck was furious; his fury was fuelled by the discovery of being played as a fool, of reading lines after lines of fiction he will publish as facts, of defending a liar and of hearing and believing Stephen’s lies whenever confronted with the truth. So didn’t he drive Glass to the airport? He is tired of hearing Stephen’s side of the case which always ends up as a lie. Flashes from a class w...

Think Piece

Once I was genuinely preoccupied for my health. I thought I had diabetes because most of my father's family does and so I had myself checked and it turned out I am just perfect, but still at risk for my tendency. After realizing I am completely paranoid, I did conclude something. I realized that not only me, but many people like to pretend that they live a more interesting life than they actually ...

Lies and Truth in A Streetcar Named Desire

While he does this however, Stanley brings to attention the fact that Mitch is not being his true self. When Stanley tells Mitch about Blanches false identity, he is heartbroken. In the end, he takes reality over fantasy, and let's Blanche go. In A Streetcar Names Desire, all characters have a different reality to one another. They build these realities through their views on experiences and influ...

Lies of Leigh Ann Walker, Staff Accountant

However, this does not go without saying that Roberts has personal integrity, either. At the end of the case, Roberts clearly demonstrates his lack of honesty by telling Leigh Ann that he, and the other partners, would not reveal the reason why she was dismissed if they were contacted by her potential employers in the future. This case is a demonstration that personal integrity is difficult to fin...

Knowledge Management or Truth and Lies

In certain cases it may also cause you to doubt a claim that is actually true. For example if I Know a friend who has a tendency to exaggerate and make belief things then even if he is speaking the truth my own judgment of him can cause me to disbelief his truth. Whereas someone who I trust I may find it difficult to see through his lies. Body language is also a very important factor in determinin...

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