Licit and Illicit Drug Use in 20 Years Essay

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Licit and Illicit Drug Use in 20 Years

I am writhing a paper on my opinion of what licit and illicit drug use might look like in twenty years. It is in my opinion that licit drug use will advance with technology and science. Thought the history of drugs as science and technology advanced so did the quality of our drugs. Not only is there more drugs now a days but the way we use them is quite different than before. We have improved both the genetic structure of the drugs and found the most effective and reliable ways of using them. I believe that this trend will continue for the next twenty years. I believe there will be more inhalants, absorbents, mixtures of drugs, that technology and drugs will be inseparable and Licit and Illicit will be no longer be terms in the usage of drugs.

I would suspect to see more inhalant drug use with less burning or impurities. Like what we now have with electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes don’t burn we have found a way to extract the nicotine from tobacco. I would suspect that this is trend will increase more and more. We have already have drug users who extract THC form marijuana called “vaping” were they turn the THC into a vapor and than breath it in witch decreases the impurities one takes in like with the Electronic cigarettes. You get the pure drug its exactly what the individual is looking for.

I would also suspect to see more stamps or absorbable substances that one can take by just applying to the skin. We have gotten to the point in chemistry that we can break down the individual structures of drugs to a small enough proportion that they could be absorbed by a simple application to the skin. This application could reduce the need for needles. Lowering the risk of infections diseases and so forth. It could be a simple gel applied to a paper pad or something simple.

I would also suspect to find more liquid shots of concentrated drugs like what we have for those 5-hour energy supplants. I think people will also start combining more drugs together, like the Sparks energy and beer mixes.

I think that drug dealers and drug users will increase there knowledge of drugs and how the can increase the effectiveness of their drugs. The user wants the best high the cleanest high. The user wants a drug they can use and not have to deal with the excess negative attributes of using them. I think that based on this demand for a better high with less negative side effects the more these negatives will go down and the more people will look to them. Witch will cause a greater need to develop more drugs specifically designed to help someone quit using.

I think as these drugs progress more and more the more drug use will become the norm and more drugs will become not only legal but advertised and pushed on everyone to try them. I think that as we progress as a society in our understanding of the world so will we understand what and how we get high. Licit and illicit will fade out of the terms for drugs. All drugs will be licit for one own self to use and the only illicit part will be if the drug is forced on to someone else against there will.

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