Licensed Practical Nurse Essay

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Licensed Practical Nurse

License Practical Nurse (LPN), work under the directions of registered nurses and doctors. LPN are Certified healthcare professionals that are responsible for helping and providing basic care to patients. They work in a variety of different setting, hospital, care facilities, and nursing homes.

To become a LPN you would need a High School Diploma, or a GED. You would have to take your Pre Entrance Examination that would cover your basic subject like your maths, and general skills. Before you start the LPN programs you also would need your Pre Requisite. You must complete a Practical Nurse Program and pass the National Council Licensure of State Board Nursing (NCLEX-PN) exam to be certified and receive your licensure.

You must be patients at all times, have good communication skills and flexibility. To interact as a health-care professional, interface with registered nurses and doctors, to perform physical assessments and to work as a team. LPN work 40 plus hours a week, on different shifts, weekends, morning, or nights and Holidays. You have to be able to stand for a long period of time. The average salary for a LPN in New Orleans is$38,115 to $41,681 per years.

I reason why i pick LPN to be my next career because i just thought it was the next stepping stone for me, i already have my Clinical Medical Assistant Certificate so i thought i just could work my way up, and to stay in the healthcare/medical field, i will always have something to fallback on just in case i wanted to go back to school for something else, so i can work and attend college. I also like helping people each any every way i can, I think its a good career for me because i have a few experiences and good people skills.

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