License Plate Recognition System and Speed Measurement System

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There are a number of performance requirements expected of a license plate recognition system. The system is expected to perform under many different conditions as discussed below:


The system is usually deployed in areas where the vehicles are moving at very high speeds. It is therefore important to design a system that will be able to capture vehicles as they move at very high speeds. A poorly designed system will produce blurry pictures of vehicles that are moving at very high speeds and as a result it will be difficult or not possible for the software to extract the license plate from the image provided.

The system itself is also expected to perform at a speed which allows the users to perform their duties without being limited by the speed of the software. An example of this is the case of the police that are monitoring vehicles to find stolen cars. The system should be fast enough that it identifies a license plate as belonging to a stolen car and the other associated information quickly enough in order to give the police a good chance of capturing the suspects driving the stolen vehicle before it gets very far away.

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Light conditions

A license plate recognition system is expected to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that the system should be able to perform well under the good conditions of a day light as well as under the poor conditions of night light. In commercial systems the price of the system will greatly be impacted by how the system performs in poor light conditions with systems that perform well in poor light conditions fetching a higher price.

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It is possible to design systems that can capture license plates in complete darkness in order to ensure that criminals do not take advantage of the night time conditions to commit crimes.


A license plate recognition system is often used for very critical tasks and as a result it is expected to be as accurate as possible. In case of access control to secure areas, the system should not be able to make such an error as in to let in unauthorized vehicles or deny entry to authorized vehicles. In some places the system is used to capture the license plates of speeding vehicles and other traffic offenders and thus used in handing out criminal sentences as well as fines. This is a very sensitive application and it is important for the system to have extremely high accuracy in order not to end up identifying the wrong license plate number and end up punishing an innocent person.

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