Library System Essay

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Library System

The fast changing technology of today created by the evolution of the cyber world drags every man particular the society to the boost whatever there is uphold for the benefit of the whole. The computer made everyone’s life easier by doing difficult work for people. Our workers now depend on computer Generated information to accomplish their jobs. An hour of tasks can be done in just a minute. A number of employees can be reduced in achieving one’s business goal. A lot of errors committed and a cost associated in performing daily transaction is lessened and many developments raised every aspect of lives.

The speed and accuracy of computer made people felt confident and reliable. It because an essential tool of certain tasks necessary for decision making, planning and other transaction purposes. Computers have all taken over the society, it greatly improved our lives. It’s truly one of the most incredible inventions in history. The fact that our world is so advance and competitive, Information Technology who’s at the back of this many changes became in demand in our society.

Information Technology makes it possible to enhance the quality of life trough new and improved technologies. The rapid growth of “I. T” (Information Technology) and a component change in a character and a component charge in a character and a culture of research. Higher education raised a broad range of issues for Library administration as the system of scholarly communication moves into the growing environment of electronics, optical text and bibliographical accesses, teachers, students, librarians and also the administration will be prepared to deal with new information.

As a part of them, we, the researcher would like to implement some changes and development traditional way of Library System. Problem of the Statement: *The Librarian spends a hard time sorting files in the Library the Librarian finds difficulty in finding the desired files needed. *The researchers also found out the Library files/records are not kept in one place. Files and records have the tendency to get lost because it is not well arranged.

*Slow processing of Library Reports The files are not reported immediately to the office, when particular problem occurred the principal’s office can’t give their appropriate actions. Files and records must be available at desired time and date. *All Library information and files are kept in a wooden cabinet Wooden cabinets are not safe for the files to be kept because it can be eaten by the termites and has the possibly to be burned. Scope and delimitation:

This is study will concentrate on the activities of the existing system most specially on the Library System of Linao, National High School were done to have a deeper evaluation and analysis in connection with the objectives of the study. The System component comprises the following: 1. Borrowing System 2. Returning System 3. Information System 4. Inventory System The existing system, based on the findings of the researchers, require more effort and time in processing records, thus, the implementation would process records faster, effective and more credible. Significance of the study:

To the Agency The proposed system will help for a faster and easier processing, updating and accessing date, therefore, it can improve productivity, enough information is also provided for an easy decision-making. To the Students The proposed study could help the students for an easier and faster sorting of books. Availability of books will be automatically updated within desired of time. Time and effort will be saved for findings books information is provided for them. To the Librarian Effort and time of the librarian in sorting library files will be reduced.

He will be aware of the unnecessary actions of the students. Needed reports and files are easily updated to the office for immediate actions. To the faculty Members The result of the study provides them an easy access of information about books. To the future System Developers The proposed system is credible, efficient and can access data within a desired period of time. It can handle a large amount of data and information and uses an effective programming technique, hence, they can use it as a basis in developing useful systems.

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