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National High School Essay

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Bulua National High School is a leader high school in legislative District 1, located at Barangay Bulua, Cagayan de Oro City which was governed and funded with the Barangay Officials spearheaded by Pedro P. Legaspi. It was in 1970 when the secondary education, Bulua Barrio High School came to an open with two sections in the First year level and the Second year level was opened on the following year until the 4-year high school level was completed. The school was temporarily located at the compound of Bulua Elementary School campus in which they called as squatters.

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They did not have their permanent classrooms to be used. Sometimes classes were being held under the shades of the Mango and Butterfly trees. They also conduct night classes just to accommodate working students from the neighboring Barangays. Each enrollee was still entitled to pay 10. 00 pesos for the freshmen, 15. 00 pesos for the sophomores, 20. 00 pesos for the juniors and 25. 00 pesos for the seniors every month. The fees were received by the hands of the Barangay treasurer. The school was facilitated with 10 teachers and 1 school in-charge only.

It was then in 1985 that BBHS became the PILOT SCHOOL of the 1989 Secondary Education Curriculum headed by its school principal Mrs. Enriqueta C. Pabelic. Year after, BBHS became Bulua National High School (BNHS) which was funded already direct from the National Level under the late President Cory Aquino’s administration. Presently, BNHS is located in its owned 1. 4 hectare approximately lot donated by the late Congressman Pedro Oloy Roa through the joint effort of Barangay Chairman Pedro P. Legaspi and the late DECS – Division P. E Supervisor, Mr.

Bernabe Pabellic for its lot acquisition. Introduction The Library Hub is a program by the Department of Education aiming to address the lack of public libraries across the countries by setting up the library hubs. Library Hub is a novel and unique structure in the Philippines educational system, whereby an infrastructure and new reading materials made possible through collaborative partnerships with stakeholders are provided to public school students for free. To date, DepEd has set up about 50 Library Hubs in a very short span of time throughout the country.

These Hubs will be servicing thousands of public schools. Books were placed in plastics. The Library Hubs are housed in existing buildings with an area of at least 250 to 300 square meters. A Library Hub is run by a librarian, library clerk, and utility staff and functions as a book warehouse for public schools in a given district. Each Hub lends books to its designated schools, which in turn lend the books to their students. The provision of reading books for free in the hub is not only for public schools but ALS, SPED, barangay centers, etc.

It also serves as a “wholesale” library exclusively servicing elementary/secondary schools within a division. The hubs operate warehouse style, compared to the traditional public library setup–instead of books being individually placed on shelves; they are stored in plastic bins for storage. These bins would then be checked out and brought by teachers and administrators of public schools to their respective public schools, to be returned after twenty-five days. While at the school, these books can be borrowed–or even brought home–by the students until the books are to be returned to the hub.

Launched in 2003 by then undersecretary Juan Miguel Luz, the project has now set up library hubs in 32 school divisions all over the country, for a total of around 145 hubs built since 2004. The hubs are financed by both the public and private sector, with major donors having the option to name the hubs whichever way they like. 1. Background of the study The use of computers and various programs are being developed for that certain desire to be done in a short period of time. Manual System for a Library Hub is quite a difficult task to perform.

It takes a long period of time in locating and monitoring the availability of the books and can have the tendencies of missing files. That’s why we created this Computerized Library Hub System in order to solve that problem. Our Computerized Library Hub System is a program that is use to update the information about a certain record of books. It allows adding book information immediately and it only takes minutes to search a specific book. It lessens the possibility of missing files unlike the manual system. This system can be able to monitor automatically where, when or who borrowed a book.

It also gives more accuracy in processing any transactions. Besides of that, it can help a librarian to work much easier and faster than a manual system. 2. Statement of the Research Problem * A licensed librarian is one of the major concerned problem of Bulua National High School Library Hub. Since they have a what they called “Acting Librarian” who was also a full time teacher in the school. It takes a long period of time for her to organized the books especially in putting accession number in it and log it in her module.

Another concerned is that the books in the library hub has not been arranged in dewey decimal classification which is the main reason why the personnel in-charge and the students has the difficulty in locating the book and to check its availability. * There’s a possibility that the library hub may encounter following problems such loss of records, repetition of data entry and other important details about the books and the one who borrow the book. * How do they record the books? The students will fill a borrower’s card before they can get the book they want to borrow.

Then afterwards the in-charge will log the list of the book that has been used or borrowed in the end of the day in the manual notebook. Unfortunately there are times that the in-charge can’t be able to log or record the borrowed books in the manual notebook. * How do the students know if the books are still available? Knowing that the school don’t have a Dewey Decimal Classification in their books, students have difficulties in searching the specific book and it takes too long for them to wait for the librarian to check unto the logbook whether the book is still available or being borrowed.

3. Statement of Objectives 3. 1General Objectives This project aims to propose and develop a well-structured and computerized library hub system to help the library hub’s transactions easier, more effective and efficient. 3. 2Specific Objectives * To lessen the burden of the user in handling the day by day transactions. * To lessen the possibility of missing files. * To make the process of updating the books efficient and can be done in a short period of time.

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