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Library System Essay

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Technology has already become one of the essentials of a person’s daily living. Without it, life would be much more complicated for people will still always have to do things manually. It has already helped billions of people here on the planet. It simply makes life much easier. It makes tasks easier and faster to accomplish. Furthermore, technology has already been a part of our daily lives. It is everywhere; from the simplest things like mobile phones to the biggest machineries.

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It is already given to people and it’s up to you to maximize its use to the fullest.

Technology is needed everywhere; grocery stores, malls, offices and especially in schools. Not only should the students learn how to use technology, computers to be exact. It also has to be learned by the instructors to keep up with this fast-growing computer age. In line with this, they also need it to ease their tasks from calculating grades to simple library systems. Handling a library could be a very complicated task as you need to keep an updated list of the books being used, borrowed and returned. Also, a librarian’s task is to organize these books so that it would be easier to find.

Most libraries still stick to the manual system from long ago. This makes their job more complicated and more time consuming. A library system is important to a library to make the job for looking, arranging, borrowing and returning of books simpler with just a couple of clicks. Books would be much easier to find and borrowing and returning of books would be updated easily. With everything systemized and automatic, it will lessen the job of the librarian. 1. 1Background of the Study San Roque Catholic School is parochial catholic school located beside San Roque de Alabang Parish, Mendiola, Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

It was established in 1981 by parish priest, Monsignor Tomas T. Gonzales. Its first batch was made up of one hundred forty one students which were divided into three sections. It was in 1982 when its three-storey building was begun to be built, due to the increase of the population of the students in the following year. Their first principal was Miss Lydia Santos. For 31 years, San Roque Catholic School has been providing affordable, high quality education to its students aiming to cultivate spirituality, evangelize and spread Christianity.

In the present, San Roque Catholic School has a population of about nine hundred to one thousand two hundred students and approximately 20-25 faculty members. It already has two campuses: The main which is the original building and the annex that serves as the building for the elementary students which is in Ilaya, Alabang, Muntinlupa City. The school library is located at the 3rd floor of St. Roch building. It was built by joining two rooms together. Half of the library contains the librarian’s desk, books, and tables. The other side is where magazines, newspapers, computer units, and the latest books are.

The number of books hasn’t grown that much for the past years. It has approximately 1000-1500 books. An average of 10-20 classes visits the library every day. Almost half of the class borrows books. Although they already have an existing library system, the librarian still finds it inefficient to manage the books for the students. On our system, we have our current features; Login system with History log, for security on the administrators and assistants. The system has simple processes like add, edit & archive a book to database, and Filtered book search results.

Has a book preview pane, gives the librarian the image of the front page of the book. Have Corporate GUI design that is neat and user friendly. Everyday alert, gives the librarian each updates on everyday processes and transactions. Daily, Weekly & Monthly Reports and has an penalty which is very convenient. 1. 2 Statement of the Problem After gathering information, the proponents found the following problems: General Problem The school manual library system is time consuming and is sometimes inaccurate. This doubles the job at hand.

The proponents also found out that the penalty of the due books is sometimes miscalculated by the manual system, which can hinder the library’s implementation of rules against overdue books. It usually takes long for the librarian to accommodate many borrowers at a time because of the system’s process. Specific Problem 1. The system cannot view the content of each book when borrowing. 2. The system process is not easy. 3. The system lacks of security. 4. The system cannot confirm the identity of the book that is being borrowed. 5. The system’s process of updating information is time-consuming.

6. The system’s catalogue process is manually maintained. 1. 3 Objectives of the Study This study was made in order to achieve the following points: 1. 3. 1 General Objectives To develop an efficient and user-friendly library system for San Roque Catholic School that will ease the process of the system. 1. 3. 2 Specific Objectives 1. To create a system that will preview the content of each book; 2. To build a system that has an easy to use-all in-one interface; 3. To make a multiple user-account system. 4. A system that will preview the cover of each book. 5.

System that will be able to update the information on each book. 6. To develop a system that is cataloguing ready. 1. 4 Significance of the Study The system is being fulfilled in order to benefit the following: • School Administrator The system will ease the inventory of the library system. Determining the number of available copies and the number of copies needed for each book won’t take much time. • School Librarian The system will avoid long lines when students borrow books at the same time thus, it will make the job much easier and more time constraint.

It won’t be a hassle tracking down penalty fees anymore. • Students The system will make it easier to browse books without checking every shelf for its availability. • Future Proponents The system will serve as guide for future use and also a practice for aspiring programmers. 1. 5 Scope and Limitations The scope of this study: The Study is conducted at San Roque Catholic School. Therefore, we’ve managed to produce a few scopes on the system. • The User Interface We will be focusing more on making the system more user-friendly. • Borrowing System.

The system allows viewing of borrowers and books for the librarian. The system is able to retrieve the books borrowed date and return date. • Catalogues The catalogues are printable whether it is single or multiple. • Preview of Book Cover The book cover is able to be previewed using the library system without needing to search for the book in the shelves of the library. • Overdue penalties The system is able to track down the number of days the book is overdue and as well as the total penalty to be paid by the borrower. The limitations of this study:

The system that we’ve created has few limitations, issues like lack of time, Error Fixings and Maintenance. • Weekly Reports This feature has been implemented but it is not yet accurate. • Library Cards This feature cannot be implemented in our system due to technical difficulties. Methodology The researchers decided to use the prototyping paradigm. Prototype systems development methodology in which a prototype is built, tested, and then reworked as necessary until an acceptable prototype is finally achieved from which the complete system or product can now be developed.

This paradigm is very helpful to the group because the system can be adjusted frequently even the small details to make the system effective to the library. System Development Life Cycle Planning Phase In this Phase, is to plan and achieve the client’s perspective on their said features, think all possible problems that may appear while building the system and how to create that system in efficient way and not time consuming. Analysis Phase Phase that focus on all errors or problems can be acquired, how to resolve it and meet all the expectations of the clients. Design Phase

In this Phase, To create a system that is very easy to use, have a well organized codes, have a user friendly GUI and meets all requirements needed to impress the clients. Implementation Phase Where the system is finished, all data are converted, resolve all possible errors during on designing and until its ready to install on their computer. Its smooth and efficiency makes the system great on quick processes. Maintenance Phase This phase checks and maintains the system for unspecified or unexpected errors that have been occurred after using it. The system can also be updated, giving it a better performance on each task.

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