Library System Essay

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Library System

Introduction Library System is a tool addressed to schools or libraries and supposed to help them track the borrowed books. Although you need to first set up a collection of books and people that may borrow the items, School Library System is pretty easy to use, featuring a very intuitive and straightforward interface. Protected by a username and password, so only authorized access is allowed, School Library System lets you add as many entries as you want, be they users or books. Plus, it sends reminders for unreturned books, so it’s pretty easy to track every single borrowed item.

Since it’s supposed to work with large databases of books, School Library System also integrates backup and restore database features, just to make sure you’re on the safe side all the time. While the application is pretty easy to use and relies on very intuitive features, it doesn’t feature a help file, so users who may get themselves in trouble are left with no other option that to search the Internet for an answer. Futuristic in the future Library Management System (LMS), is an enterprise resource planning system for a library, used to track items owned, orders made, bills paid, and patrons who have borrowed.

LMS usually comprises a relational database, software to interact with that database, and two graphical user interfaces (one for clients, one for faculty). Most LMS separate software functions into discrete programs called modules, each of them integrated with a unified interface. Examples of modules might include: ?acquisitions (ordering, receiving, and invoicing materials) ?cataloging (classifying and indexing materials) ?circulation (lending materials to patrons and receiving them back)?

Serials (tracking magazine and newspaper holdings) ?the OPAC (public interface for users) Each client and item has a unique ID in the database that allows the LMS to track its activity. User Requirements Definition 1. Login and verifies Students to give permission to the student to search books which they like to borrow 2. For librarian it has the Administrative privileges such as check books , Login to Library, managed books , authorized Students. 3. It has a Search Option anywhere you are as long as you have the program because of its integration to Web Hosting Server. 4.

The task of the student is to log in to their respective student account and if they search they can easily find the books because of mapping Feature. 5. The task of the librarian is to acquisition, cataloging, circulation, serials. Chapter 2 Methodology Process Model Faculty User Interface System – lets the administrator to modify book information and logs borrowed and returned books directly from Database. By this they can easily monitor Books that are going out and going in.

Student User Interface System – Allows Students to login for security purposes because students might steal a book and never track them. Without the verification a student can’t borrow a book from the Administrator. Search System – By this system you can search books from a specific database i. e Northwestern University. Why did we use Evolutionary Process model? Because this type of system is expanding due to its continuous gathering an adding of different kinds of book from time to time. The thing that made this system unique from others it has an improved querying system in the of a simple search box.

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