Library of ancient information? Essay

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Library of ancient information?

One of the most exciting and certainly intriguing discoveries of the twentieth century is the theory on the double helix which represents the basic deoxyribonucleic acid structure. Every human being is said to have a certain genetic code that determines characteristics and traits. Applying this theory, every human being is also said to pass on this unique genetic code to their offspring.

As such, every human being now becomes the owner of a library of ancient information. The reason why billions of dollars in research grants and awards have been given over the years is because of the wealth of information that a map of the human genome would provide. The potential cures for thousands of diseases and illnesses lies in uncovering the most basic genetic structure of human beings.

By being able to map out the human genetic code, scientists will now be able to see certain trends and also identify certain characteristics that will prevent diseases from spreading. Another reason why it is accurate to think of each human being as the owner of a library of ancient information is because of the principle that human beings share over 99. 8 percent of all their genes.

The variations which set people apart or provide unique characteristics comprise only a small percentage of the entire human genome. Given this principle, every human possesses a genetic code that is similar to the earliest ancestors. A genetic similarity can also be drawn from the prehistoric Neanderthals and the Homo erectus. Since there is not much variation in the basic human genetic code, it can therefore be argued that each human being is the owner of a library of ancient information.

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