Library classification Essay

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Library classification

This unit is concerned with the selection and purchase of reading material in what so ever from it may be. Books are accessioned in this section. It keeps a complete and up-to-date record of such books and other reading materials. Books are purchased keeping in view the requirements of the University Faculty, the Students and the Research Scholars. Books are generally selected from the local as well as foreign publishers´┐Ż catalogues, current lists and local book exhibitions/fairs, etc.

These catalogues and lists are sent to the Heads of the concerned teaching departments for selection and approval of the reading material of their subjects. They select and approve the reading material for addition to the main library from these lists. After getting their approval, the titles approved are thoroughly checked with the library catalogue to avoid duplication. Special attention is paid to provide text books and research material to the library users. It also acquires rare manuscripts and microfilms, etc.


After purchasing, accessioning and labeling of the reading material in the Acquisition section, it is sent to the cataloguing section for technical processing. Main responsibility of this section is to classify and catalogue the reading material. The reading material is being classified according to Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme. Library of Congress Subject Headings List is used for assigning subject headings. Catalogue cards are prepared according to ALA Cataloguing Rules 1978. Catalogue cards are filed according to ALA Rules for Filing Catalogue Cards 1968.

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