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Library catalog

DEFINATION OF LIBRARY: A library is said to be a room or building where collections for books, records, and films for borrowing or research to a public or student for reference are kept for use. According to Aina a library is concerned with the collection, processing, storage, and dissemination of recorded information for the purpose of reading, studying and consultation. CATALOGUE: Catalogue is a principal guide or key that leads directly from catalogue card to the book on the shelf. It also means to compile a list of document according to a set of rules [i. e according to a catalogue code] so as to enable

the reader to know what items are available in the library, and where this document can be found on the shelves of the library with the help of the class number, or other means of identification given in the catalogue entry. CATALOGUING: It is a comprehensive list of books, periodicals, maps and other materials in a given collection arranged in systematic order to facilitate retrieval [usually alphabetically by author, and subject. It is also a list of materials systematically arranged for a specific purpose usually with brief descriptive information including in each entry. CLASSIFICATION:

Can be regarded as the process of grouping things or abtract, concept or ideas based on common characteristics. Classification also means the arrangement of books on the shelve or the systematic arrangement of books in the manner which is both useful to those who need them. LIBRARY CATALOGUE: It can be defined as a register of all bibliographic items found in a library or group of libraries such as a network of libraries at several location. It is also a record of materials held by the library ranging from books, magazines, journals, document, print and non-print media resources.

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