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Library Assignment Essay

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Getting Started HINT: Instead of printing out this document, view it online. That way you can click on the embedded links to go to the various links and tutorials. Before starting these activities, be sure your computer has Macromedia Flash Player and Adobe Shockwave installed. Most Ivy Tech regions have access to the main Virtual Library screens, but if there is a problem accessing your local library, you may be able to access material discussed and assigned below through the Central Indiana Library page more reliably.

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That address is: http://wwwcc. ivytech. edu/library/central-indiana/index. html IvyTilt Activity 1—Tutorials 1, 2, and 6 For this first library assignment, you will complete three IvyTilt modules. Go to the IvyTilt website at http://faculty. ivytech. edu/~smclaugh/ivytilt/choice. html and select the three modules you are going to do for Activity 1. 1. Starting Smart (Module 1)—This tutorial is an introduction to using the Virtual Library. Review it carefully so you understand the terms that will be used in later modules. 2.

Choosing a Topic (Module 2)—This tutorial will help you create workable topics for searches and later writing. Remember—a good topic is not found; it is developed. 3. Citing Sources (Module 6)—Never mind modules 3, 4, and 5 for now. Jump to Module 6 and get some insight into how to cite a borrowed idea in the body of your paper and how to list the source of that idea at the end of your paper. At the end of each module is a brief quiz. The quizzes are self-assessments to see how well you have mastered the information in the tutorial.

You should take the quizzes for Modules 1, 2, and 6 and copy and paste the results page for each quiz into a file on your computer once you have scored at least 90% on each quiz. Please note that the library server does NOT keep copies of your quiz results and the library quiz does NOT link directly to Blackboard. You must COPY & PASTE each results page into a file on your computer in order to submit the completed quizzes to your instructor. If you score less than 90% on any of the three quizzes, review the tutorial and retake the quiz for that module.

Do not submit a quiz if your score is below 90%, but review the material until you better understand the material and can score at least 90%. Quizzes with scores of less than 90% will not receive credit. How to submit the quizzes to your instructor: ·Collect the results of the three quizzes using COPY & PASTE. ·Collect your results in one file and name your file something like:

“IvyTilt_1_Mynamehere. ” Be sure your name is in the file name. Do not use symbols like # in the file name. ·Submit the file via the “Library Assignment—Ivy Tilt Activity 1” link for this assignment in Session 3.

For detailed instructions on how to submit your file using this link see the “Student Guide to Blackboard” by clicking on the “Start Here” tab on the left, and then clicking on “Step 3: Help with Blackboard & Technology” link, and then clicking on the “Blackboard Student Guide” attachment. ·Once your file is submitted, you will see a green exclamation mark for Library Activity 1 under “My Grades. ” This exclamation mark will change to a score after your instructor grades your assignment. ·All quizzes are due no later than the end of Session 3. Scoring: 3 quizzes with scores 90% or higher|10 points|.

2 quizzes with scores 90% or higher|7 points| 1 quiz with score 90% or higher|4 points| 0 quizzes with score 90% or higher|0 points| Additional Library Information and Practice Review the following websites for further information about citation in MLA and/or APA style. Bookmark pages that are useful to you: http://library. albany. edu/usered/cite/index.

html This site provides general information on APA and MLA style and instructions on how to use “Citation Generators” effectively. http://owl. english. purdue. edu/ The Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL) offers a searchable index that can help with MLA and APA manuscript styles.

The links for manuscript styles are in the upper right zone of that page. http://wwwcc. ivytech. edu/shared/shared_hlibrarycc/Images/VL_Live/clip1_fin. html View the captured-screen video that introduces the Virtual Library sign-in and opening page. You should plan to sign into and use the Virtual Library as a regular part of your work for this class.

http://library. acadiau. ca/tutorials/plagiarism/ This interactive and fun tutorial from the Vaughan Memorial Library at Acadia University walks you through specific examples of documenting sources and avoiding plagiarism with your student companions Dylan, Emma, Tyler, and Maiko.

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