Library Essay Topics

Lan-Based Library System for Lady Mediatrix Institute

In today’s rapid growth of Industries , technology made our lives much easier and do things with precise accuracy. Computer is perfect example of technology that made a great impact in the society. Since the effectiveness of the technology had been recognized, It has caught the attention of differrent industries. One of which is educational… View Article

Library of ancient information?

One of the most exciting and certainly intriguing discoveries of the twentieth century is the theory on the double helix which represents the basic deoxyribonucleic acid structure. Every human being is said to have a certain genetic code that determines characteristics and traits. Applying this theory, every human being is also said to pass on… View Article

Organization Knowledge

Managing information in today’s growing world is a tedious task. With excessive amount of data coming into systems daily, it has become imperative for knowledge organizers to follow certain guidelines if they are to ensure quick and easy retrievals later on. The purpose of this paper is to explore the different techniques using which knowledge… View Article

Library and Its Uses

The root-meaning of the word library is a room or building containing a collection of books for reading. But as there are now circulating or travelling libraries in many countries, the world has undergone a change in its meaning. By the word now indicated a collection of books for reading or reference; Different kinds of… View Article

Oral history archive department in modern libraries,

The main aim of the research is to discuss the uses and the value of an oral history archive department in modern libraries, especially British libraries and American ones which are pioneers in this domain. It has been realized or discovered that the oral history archive can be used to explain the concept or idea… View Article

Dewey Decimal Classification

The Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC), or Dewey Decimal System, is a proprietary library classification system created by Melvil Dewey in 1876.[1] It has been revised and expanded through 23 major editions, the latest issued in 2011.[2] Dewey was responsible for all revisions until his death in 1931. A designation number, such as Dewey 16 for… View Article

Advanced technology

Now, in our society all over the world technology is the most important advancement, a necessity in bringing about progress as we move along in this computerized world. These changes in effect make man’s life easier and more convenient. Our advanced technology is unfortunately affecting the study habits of the students because there a lot… View Article

Alexandria Library

Library of Alexandria, the most famous library of classical antiquity. It formed part of the research institute at Alexandria in Egypt that is known as the Museum, or the Alexandrian Museum. The Alexandrian library and museum were founded and maintained by the long succession of Ptolemies in Egypt from the beginning of the 3rd century… View Article

Villa College Fuvahmulah Campus in 2050

In the year 2050 how will VCFC look like? Would it be improved by the latest technologies or it would have a few changes. By the way in my view the VCFC would be improved so well that it could not be done in these days. It seems to me that the VCFC would be… View Article

What Do You Understand by Library Management Software?

Computerisation in Libraries The library is one of the oldest types of institutions in our society. It is in the midst of rapid change in recent times. The changes mirror those going on in other institutions and also in the society as a whole. Most modern libraries move beyond their traditional role as custodians of… View Article

Government Punjab Public Library

Government Punjab Public Library Lahore lies in the heart of the city of Lahore at the Library Road near Lahore Museum. Thelibrary is centrally situated in this way and has a pleasant atmosphere for a calm and peaceful study. The library holds an exceptional rare collection of books in English, Urdu, Persian, Arabic and Punjabi…. View Article

Library System Documentation

A computer plays a vital role in our life and in our society. Business and some government agencies have long been using computer-based system. In schools and private office computer plays a vital role in their advancement and development. With the emergence of computer technology. Efficiency and accuracy were achieved. Even with the emergence of… View Article

Selecting An Automated Library System For Finnish Research Libraries

1 The Present Situation All Finnish academic libraries and a number of other Finnish research libraries have used the VTLS software during the 90’s. The contract with VTLS Inc. was signed in 1988 and implementation took place during the following years. A uni? ed network called Linnea was created, consisting of the local installations and… View Article

Library classification

An efficient computerized library management system will enhance the effectiveness of the library. The system makes the recording of borrowing simple and provides useful information about library use. When assessing different systems cost, installation, operation and maintenance all need to be considered. Considerations of selecting appropriate library management system 1. System Functionalities The purpose of… View Article

Librarian PHP

A. Introduction A Library System is a software use to catalog, to track circulation and to have an inventory of the library’s assets. It often contains many thousands of books that are available in the library. This uses computer-based system to keep a record of the books and the transaction that took place. A computer-… View Article

Library System

The fast changing technology of today created by the evolution of the cyber world drags every man particular the society to the boost whatever there is uphold for the benefit of the whole. The computer made everyone’s life easier by doing difficult work for people. Our workers now depend on computer Generated information to accomplish… View Article

Digital Library

Introduction: A digital library is where the information is digitalised and stored in the form of electronic portal that provides access to all kind of database such as bibliographies, full-text resources, catalogues, search engines, internet resources, reference works, E-journals etc. Earlier its only paper based works only available in libraries. However, technologies have overcome the… View Article

Digital library

Chapter 3 DATABASE/DBMS Solution to the computing problem Applications of your emerging in Database Before defining Digital Libraries, we introduce several fundamental assumptions: · The digital libraries are not a bounded, uniform collection of information. · There will be increasing diversity of information and service providers. · There is more than just searching in digital… View Article

Public Library

1. 1 Current Situation Nearly a century and a half after its inception, public library remains a common feature on the British urban and cultural landscapes (Black, 1996). Public libraries are being threatened in the 21st century, because of the rapid development of the internet and the e-book market, which are pushing public libraries out-of-date… View Article

Importance of libraries

The definition of a “good time” is different for everyone, but for me its reading a good book, fiction, non-fiction, biographies, history, religious books, comics anything . When I came to America in July 2013, I was fascinated to see a lot of different things and one of them were libraries, since I have a… View Article

Imortance of libraries

A library is a treasure-house of knowledge. A well-stocked library is an asset to the school, college, university or the neighborhood. A library has a librarian to guide and attend to the readers. A library is a treasure-house of knowledge. A well-stocked library is an asset to the school, college, university or the neighborhood. A… View Article

NET Framework

The online eLibarary Management System is used to overcome the entire problem which they are facing currently, and making complete atomization of manual or semi automatic process of library management system. •Improve the search facility and members and library staff should get all the information in a second. •Should capable to use bar code reader… View Article

Digital library

Digital library An electronic library (colloquially referred to as a digital library) is a library in which collections are stored in electronic media formats (as opposed to print, microform, or other media) and accessible via computers. [1] Wikipedia:VerifiabilityThe electronic content may be stored locally, or accessed remotely via computer networks. An electronic library is a… View Article

Library System

I. Introduction Freeman Dyson has said, “Technology is a gift of God, after the gift of life; it is perhaps the greatest of God’s gift. It is the monitor civilizations of arts and sciences”. With technology, they can get things done precisely, efficiently and fast. Wireless communication devices keep you connected wherever you go. These… View Article

Essay on the Internet

There are conflicting views on how people should finish their reading in the more and more productive society. Some people tend to support that a city/town should provide a public library to their citizens, while others have different views that reading could be done on the Internet instead of being finished in a library, which… View Article

Library Services

Libraries today have improved their services in order to provide both printed and electronic materials to the users. Majority of students prefer using electronic materials to do their research since it is convenient and faster. In order to become “information literate” and to successfully deliver successful research project, it is important to locate the relevant… View Article

Poles Reading Fewer and Fewer Books

Poles reading fewer and fewer books – speculating about the causes Fewer and fewer Poles are reading books nowadays. It is mostly visible in the libraries, book stories and even in the reading rooms. What are the causes of such phenomena? Let us look at three of them: lack of time, the rise of technology… View Article

Readers response to The Last Library

The narrative ‘The Last Library’, by A. K. Benedict is a collision between real life and fantasy where meaningful past treasures can often be forgotten and disregarded in a fast paced world. In a way it invokes thought about a current issue in North American society today, the progression of new technologies and how we… View Article

Edinburgh Napier library services

Edinburgh Napier University was established as a technical college in 1964 taking its name from famous inventor of logarithms, John Napier. Since 1971, the college has started to offer degree level educations. In 1992, the college was converted to university, and changed its name to Napier University. However, in 2009, the university changed its name… View Article

Community Book Festival

According to the United States Census Bureau (2013), Queens, New York, has an estimated population of 2. 2 million people living in this growing region. With a large population like this, it would be an ideal place to promote reading by conducting a book festival for the community. Not only will the book festival promote… View Article