Liberation theology Essay

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Liberation theology

In the article, author Enrique Dussel has asserted that the use of Marxism by theologians was adequate, just and beneficial for society. It is not inconsistent with Christianity; in fact it has increased popularity of the faith especially in nations where economic conditions are harsh and vast disparities exist between privileged classes and the masses. From its inception, liberation theology attempted “to bring about a social, economic and political change that would permit the exploited classes, the poor and the Latin American people to reach a just, humane, fulfilled life” (p. 86).

The author has explained that theologians needed tools to translate the ideas of religious thought to practical, real-world situations and the teachings of Marx provided these tools. Dussel has argued against conventional thought that criticizes Marxism for not being humanistic. He proposes that in fact liberation theology sought to address the plight of human suffering, expanding the gambit from individual to society.

Further only those aspects of Marxism have been incorporated by various liberation theologians that are consistent with Christianity. Liberation theology employs “the use of Marxism – at its proper level, the economic and philosophical – is complete and occurs in a Christian faith that sacrifices nothing of its own tradition” (p. 97). The author’s contention in this regard holds merit. In Latin America and elsewhere people are realizing the faults of capitalism.

Recent global economic crises have thrown even the most developed economies to turmoil. Many people are re-considering the meaning of economic development and national prosperity. In terms of faith also, there is realization that the common good must be stressed and only then can society flourish. These ideas are completely in-line with the Christian faith and at the same time, are more relevant to majority of the people.

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