Levels of Comprehension Essay

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Levels of Comprehension

Right in the middle of discussion about levels of thinking, I quickly chose evaluation as my level of thinking. I don’t know why but it just stood in my mind for a moment. Then after few days I started to contemplate again to what particular level of thinking do I really belong. I realized that I have already gone this far, and that would make me choose creativity as my thinking level. Being enrolled in the College of Information Technology helped me a lot to become the creative me. Why? Simply because I enrolled in a course where I really wanted to be and with that, I can be as creative as I can be. All my experiences and achievements already proved that I belong to the level of creativity. First and foremost, because of chess I started to become creative and artistic.

I have been playing chess for almost nine years without the help of a coach unlike other players who had their coaches in their younger years. Chess is not just a simple board game, it is a board game that requires high level of thinking and if I play it I play it creatively and I would always create an artistic strategy to manipulate the game. Second, the high school days improved my knowledge. I used to be inventive that time when it comes to projects, assignments and science experiments. Lastly, I know I am in the level of creativity because of what I have learned and what I have made as an IT student. I have been into graphics designing, programming, and most importantly I am currently studying web-developing.

All these things, I have learned it all by myself. In a computer course, you really have to be independent to know stuffs. I used to create graphics designs without the use of internet materials and those designs; I really have to make it with imagination. In programming, I was so curious how a program is created so I also started creating my own programs even though those are just simple programs. Computer programming requires high level of thinking because computers require exact instructions so when making those programs I always have to think deeply to have an output of successful program. The most complicated part is web-developing. I am creative enough to find a way how to create websites.

I have the desire to create my own website and I’m sure will make it very nice. I actually love making things out of nothing. As a college student I know I have been creative enough. I know that when I think, I think creatively. I know I have managed my college studies creatively. Even though I don’t have good grades, I know that it is not the basis to get a good work soon and it is really the skills and abilities that matter. I don’t care if many people would not agree that I belong to the level of creativity, the important thing is I have learned that desire plus curiosity plus imagination equals creativeness. These three crucial ingredients created the creative me.

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