Letting God Flow Through You Essay

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Letting God Flow Through You

As mortal beings, we cannot be sure that we will be alive to perform the tasks we have intended to perform, regardless of whether we have planned for tomorrow or another day in future. It is for this reason that Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book, The Power of Intention, advises us to go with the divine flow that gave us life and would lead us on to perform the chores we have intended to perform. According to Dr. Dyer, there is nothing that we do without the divine energy that does not only support us in making intentions but also completes the chores for us with excellence.

Thus, intention may be referred to as God. Dr. Dyer states that there are seven facets of intention, that is, creativity, kindness, love, beauty, expansion, abundance, and receptivity. We all desire to be creative, for example, just as we desire to be shown kindness to and be loved. However, according to Dr. Dyer’s advice – it is not possible to remove the obstacles from the way unless we have intended to go with the divine flow to receive these blessings from God.

After all, the mulish, oft negative ego may try to get in the way. What is the solution to negativity, that is, feeling bad and unable to achieve our goals? According to Dr. Dyer, we would just have to trust God or the divine energy that flows through us in order to complete the tasks assigned us in this lifetime. Thus, in order to be happy, we would simply have to align ourselves with the feeling of happiness that is always ready to flow through us.

There may be any number of things for us to feel happy about. As an example, if we are gifted with eyesight we can be grateful for that and enjoy the blessing with the awareness that some people are born blind. But, we cannot wait on achievement of our goals. We simply have to trust, and flow. Each moment we live becomes a blessing this way. And, our goals are achieved with God (Dyer).

Works Cited Dyer, Wayne. The Power of Intention. Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, 200

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