Letter to Charlemagne Essay

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Letter to Charlemagne

His Majesty King Charlemagne: With utmost diligence regarding the king’s instruction to go forth and inspect governments, administer justice, and reawaken all citizens to their civil and religious duties, herewith is the detail account concerning the outcome of this noble undertaking. Indeed, the kingdom under his majesty’s rule enjoys great peace and an enduring justice as the King’s officials such as the kingdom’s archbishops and abbot, the dukes and counts are doing their duties well, thanks to his majesty’s missi dominici which effectively performs their own duties of visiting every courts throughout the kingdom and to ensure that taxes were properly collected and that all the king’s decree were followed.

His majesty’s victories against the Lombards and the Saxons as well as against the Avars have brought the kingdom stable peace (McDonald, p. 95) and genuine respect from the very citizens who were proud of his majesty’s victories. His majesty’s unexpected coronation by Pope Leo as “an Augustus” confirms his majesty’s “formidable power” (Brown 2004, p. 435), that certainly added much respect to the Kings court which prompted them to render their duties satisfactorily.

However, despite of the general peace that the kingdom enjoyed as well as of the fine performance of civil duties, many people especially from the ranks of peasants and the nobility are poor and illiterate. In general, life was “brutal and harsh” (The History Guide) for the peasants as many of them were in abject poverty. Religion was less important as many of them were illiterate.

This was also the case of the nobility who were mostly illiterate. Concerning religion, both the peasants and the nobility have little regard for religion for two reasons; the first one is that, since most of these groups were illiterate they cannot understand Christianity as their access to the Christian Bible were very limited. Second, most of the nobility spend their life in fighting.

Given this problem, it is hereby presented to his majesty some solution to the problem in order that an enduring justice and peace will continue to flourish throughout the Kingdom. First is, the establishments of more schools so that everyone who can afford its cost whether they are peasants or nobility can have the opportunity to improve their condition. In matters of religion, the nobility were the most numbers of people who have no religious beliefs were in darkened by illiteracy because they spent much of their time in fighting.

They mostly land less although compared to the peasants, they were quite better. With this situation, it is hereby noted that those soldiers who were given lands in recognition of their efforts in war were the most loyal of the king’s subjects and were ready to accept whatever is the king’s instruction, whether to encouraged them to embrace Christianity or to faithfully obey all the king’s decrees.

In general, everything was under the king’s control although there also some isolated cases of dissatisfaction, everything were fine. The king should continue to promote religion as well as the establishment of more schools so that people can learn reading and writing in order for them to gain understanding which would open their minds to embrace Christianity and to their civil duties satisfactorily.


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