Letter to a friend regarding interesting experience in Management Class Essay

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Letter to a friend regarding interesting experience in Management Class

Hope all is well at your end. It has been a long time since I last heard from you. I guess you have a busy and hectic university schedule like mine which does not allow you much time apart from your course work. I don’t blame you at all because I know what a roller coaster ride this business studies really is. I am on my summer vacations now so I finally got some time to correspond with you. I would like to update you with my experience so far with my courses. I would specially like to brief you on my enthralling and interesting experience in my Management class.

Business studies have an array of different courses to offer. All these courses have their application in real life, if not fully, then at least to some extent. The most common term which is associated with business people is ‘managers’ which brings us to the most basic and necessary course of Management.

Management is the basic requirement of any organization and is the foundation of running a business. Without it business would be nil and there would be total chaos and catastrophe.

Management has tons of practical application and offers concepts which have vast dimensions and scope. This course has been the most interesting and enthralling learning experience so far in my studies. Of course I can not give you account of the entire course but I would like to mention one very exciting and challenging activity which was conducted in the management class.

This activity was regarding teamwork. You must also have learnt a lot in your engineering studies how there are different teams of engineers that take up huge scale projects. Same goes here in our business studies as well. There are various different kinds of teams such as self managed teams, cross functional teams, special purpose teams and so on. The activity which we did was regarding the most famous kind of team; problem solving team.

As you must have got the idea from the name, problem solving teams or also famously known as task forces are teams that are formed especially for a problem to be solved which can not be catered to and solved by the existing organizational structure. This team brings in members varying according to the nature of the problem from different departments of the organization. This shows that problem solving teams are cross functional. (Reference for Business, 2010)

The activity was conducted in such a manner that our Management course instructor first explained to us all the different types of teams which involved problem solving team as well. Then to demonstrate how the problem solving team really works in the real world he divided our class into different groups.

Each group comprised of 8 members each and each group was handed a business related problem which needed to be solved. We were given a time frame of 50 minutes in which we had to come up with a plan of action to solve the problem and then we were required to present it. This was a really challenging and exciting activity.

The problem which was handed to my group was that we were required to suppose a business organization that dealt in supplying of different beverages in 48 out of 50 states of U.S.  There were complaints from three major states which were Arizona, Kansas and Colorado. The major complaints were of similar nature that the supply of the beverages was not on schedule, the stock that reached to retailers was not in good condition and that the beverages supplied were not in accordance with the demand of the people.

We were required to discover the reasons that why were these problems occurring in only 3 of the 48 states and what erroneous actions were responsible for these three major complaints.

We approached this problem in a very professional way. We first decided upon who will lead the group and fortunately the group members general consensus was for me as a team leader. As a team leader I was the one who had to approve the final plan of action with the input suggestions and research of the different members. We decided upon that our team had members from various departments of Finance, Marketing, Sales, Research and Development and Distribution Management.

We formulated our problem solving report in such a manner that first we gave a brief introduction of the problems. Then we assumed different logical reasons which could have been behind these complaints. The reasons and findings that we listed in our report were that our suppliers were categorized into 16 different teams.

Each team was given 3 states for which they were responsible of supplying the beverage. One particular team was given the states of Arizona, Kansas and Colorado as they are geographically situated close to each other. As the complaints were regarding these three states hence we found that the supplier team was performing some erroneous actions due to which these complaints arose. On further imaginary research we found out the findings for each of the complaints.

First we found that this team was complaint about in past as well by number of retailers regarding their lethargic attitude and poor display of punctuality. So it was found out that the team comprised of members who were irresponsible and did not meet the time restrictions of the schedule which resulted in late supply of the stock of beverages. Second complaint was due to the same reason as first. The reckless attitude of the particular team showed that they mishandled the stocks.

Beverages are objects held in fragile coverings and bottles and need to be handled with care which this particular team did not display. The third complain was that of the supply not in accordance with the demand which again was due to the poor performance and reckless and untrained staff of this team. They did not record and process the orders properly which resulted in the wrong supply frequently that bothered numerous retailers.

So after we had our findings we were now in position to develop a plan of action based on these findings. The plan of action was formed with collaboration with the different departments of the organization. The action decided upon to be taken was that this particular team was to be fired. Other teams would be also appraised on performance to see whether they were a source of complaints in their states or not and whether they are up to the mark or not.

All those members that won’t be up to the mark would either be trained or fired. The empty vacancies would be filled by renewed hiring of the staff which would take special care that highly trained and responsible staff is hired. For the entire plan of action to carry out special assistance would be required from Human Resource Department.

This concluded our entire report for the solution of problem. We then presented the whole scenario, our findings and proposed solution in front of the entire class. As Group leader I took the responsibility of presenting. It was really good experience to present in front of the entire class. The teacher appreciated our approach to the problem and gave us a few helpful additional suggestions which would give edge to our report. The class also applauded our presentation and our presentation was ranked the best in all the presentations.  All this was due to combined team effort.

This was the experience I wanted to share with you. It was not just a moment of pride for me because of the best presentation, but the activity itself was so exciting and fruitful to provide us with concepts that I could not resist but share with you. I am sure you have experienced such exciting activities at your university as well. I am really looking forward to hear from you your eventful time at university.

I hope you are having a good time and enjoying the studies because I think you can not learn until you enjoy you studies. Hope to hear from you very soon. I am looking forward to your reply and account of the activities at university. Hope to see you soon. Take care.


Reference for Business. (2010). Teams and Team work. Retrieved May 15, 2010, from,

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