Letter of Recommendation for a Student Pursuing a PhD

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Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is RH and I am a developmental psychologist at B University. I am very delighted to write this reference letter for Mr. SS to support his application to the Ph.D. program at the Graduate School of Cornell University.

I met S three years ago when he reached me voluntarily and asked to join our research lab. S’s excellent communication skills in English and in Chinese as well as his abilities to clearly describe his research interests and future goals left a deep impression on me.

I invited him to join our lab as a research assistant immediately after our several rounds of communication, and I felt so lucky to have him in my lab for three years.

S participated in our anxiety project from March 2015 until his graduation, which mainly studied the anxious feelings of teenagers and children. It was a very challenging project, requiring very high abilities including recruiting participants, screening participants, communicating with participants, collecting data with psychophysiological technics, and presenting results.

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Nevertheless, S devoted all his efforts and enthusiasm to it. He was one of the major experimenters and conducted almost a fourth of cases (around thirty pairs of child-parent dyads) for more than a year. Hence, he owned a good sense of doing scientific research.

What’s more, S voluntarily joined a training program and served as an active trainer in a program designed to promote the psychological well-being of school-age children in the community through MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction) training.

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He was always well-prepared for the practical training and discussed passionately with the supervisor and other trainers on how to better adjust the training procedures to benefit the participating children the most. I could feel his genuineness, caring, openness and goodwill from the interactions with him and from his sharing of ideas and opinions, that he has a sincere interest in the welfare of others. During my after-session talk with the supervisor, who is also the co-founder of Teach for China (TFC), we both think very highly of S.

S also assisted me with several other research projects and the translation of a book on psychology writing from English to Chinese. He was always able to complete the assigned tasks not only on time but also with perfection. In his third year of college, he applied for a visiting program at the UC and a summer internship program at the UB. After studying and working in North America for half a year, he brought us a lot of original thoughts and ideas and I was so delighted that he could get accustomed to a new environment and learn so much knowledge so fast. And doubtlessly, he chose me as his undergraduate thesis supervisor in the last year of college and he completed an insightful dissertation on stress and anxiety.

Recently, S approached me and talked about his Ph.D. application. As his undergraduate supervisor who worked with him for three years, I observed S’s great personality, signature optimistic attitudes, confidence, non-defensives in coping with criticism, and so on. His rigorousness and stamina will make him competent for challenging work and scientific research. I believe all these traits make him one of the most competitive applicants for the Ph.D. study. Thus, I would like to show my strongest support for S as I think he is exactly the kind of applicant that the program at your institution is seeking. I would greatly appreciate your favorable consideration of his application. Please feel free to contact me should you have any further questions.


RH, Ph.D.

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