Letter of Interest Essay

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Letter of Interest

I wish to express my sincere and earnest interest to change the course of my teaching from 8th Grade Math to either 6th Grade Math or 6th Grade Social Studies. At the outset, I would like to state my preference to switch teaching kids for 6th Grade Social Studies. For thirteen years I have been teaching Math for middle and high school kids. At this instance in my life, I truly believe that I can better relate, communicate, and convey teaching with younger kids, 6th grade kids in particular.

I do feel that there is a need for more consideration and a patient and nurturing teacher with broader perspective in handling delicate 6th grade kids who are also naturally with short attention span. As a mother myself of two young kids, I am confident that I have the qualities to better achieve this purpose. In my experience with 8th grade kids, I found that this is not the case since they already assert a sense of independence. More importantly, I do love to teach younger kids that still need to be look after in their education formation.

Moreover, I am not comfortable teaching 8th grade curriculum next year with the introduction of the new Math program of Connected Mathematics which is a departure from whole class teacher directed instruction. Although, I have no doubt that I can go through and will better adjust to this new hands-on and self-discovery program of instruction. As to my preferred interest in teaching Social Studies for 6th grade kids, I can state the same reasons as with my interest in teaching Math for the same grade level.

However, with social studies, I am very excited to teach in this field which is a new sphere completely different from Math which I have been teaching for thirteen years. Even though I have not taught social studies before, I am certain that I am more than qualified if given the opportunity. I have gone through the curriculum on social studies for 6th grade kids and I found it very motivating and a worthy teaching endeavor. I know I have the passion and fervor to teach social studies for 6th grade kids.

The switch from teaching Math to Social Studies is a great change in proving my teaching capabilities. Needless to say, I am prepared to teach any subject and any curriculum with my fondness for teaching young kids. I believe it is significant to mention that I am getting my masters in curriculum and instruction to further my qualifications as an efficient and competent teacher. I am hoping this letter of interest to switch teaching to 6th grade kids will meet your favorable consideration.

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